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GTA IC PC Release


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GTA IV was released for the PC on the 3rd December this year.


Just a word of warning for those who don't have it on the PC - wait until the first patch is released until you buy it. Currently, there are several issues which need addressing.


A few irritations I've come across so far:


- You MUST be signed into Windows for Games - Live to be able to save even single player games. Not signed in = no saving the game

- The master servers for the Rockstar Social Club application are reguarly down, stopping you from playing MP

- Windows for Games - Live cannot currently be auto-updated to a bug

- Signing into the Rockstar Social Club crashes the game on launch if the master servers are experiencing issues


So, not a good start. Hopefully, the first patch will fix the issues.

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I wish I hadn't bought the game tbh. Installing this game and trying to get it to work was the most tedious thing I've ever done.


Apart from that you need a very good system to get decent FPS. It eats up all of my GFX card memory, all of my free system memory and utilises 80%+ of my overclocked Quad core CPU.


If you haven't got a quad core CPU and at least a series 8 Nvidia GFX card (or ATI equivelent), don't bother gettting this.


Here's a little bit of reading about how heavily CPU dependant this game is...



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Performance is poor, and changeable settings are pretty non existent. Resolution, render quality (low, normal, high), and texture quality (low, normal, high) are the only changeable options for graphics.


The game also attempts to estimate the amount of video memory it will use, and won't let you set it above the limit of your card. It seems to guess than no more video memory will be used between all settings on low, and all settings on max. The only thing making a difference is resolution. What if the game doesn't recognise the full amount of graphics memory you have? (known problem).


It's a poor console port which needs patching.


Installation required 40 minutes to install, then a manual update of Windows for Games - Live!. Signing into the Rockstar Social Club crashed the game on the first day (offline play only), and you MUST be signed into Windows for Games - Live! just to save / load single player. I have to quit the game and load from the last save point every time my internet disconnects. It eats through 4 GB of RAM, whacks a 2.66 GHZ dual core processor, and uses my 512 MB 8600 GT graphics card to it's full. The minimum requirements are daft. I'd like to see any system just barely meeting them even get 5 FPS.




The issues are supposed to be addressed shortly in a patch. Steam are currently offering refunds on a case-by-case basis.

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So lets say that ROCKSTAR GAMES messed their new GTA for PC indeed up.

I hope they fix that problems and begin to sell a patched version with "more" adjustable settings.


I guess that ROCKSTAR wont do it, because they mostly dont care for PC versions. They get their money from the consoles. lol



Btw Black, you should come more often online at XFiRe lol, youre like dead there.

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I can't believe you sig quoted my IRC fail :'( :lol:


I am definately glad I did not buy it now :)



LOL I remember you doing that!!


As for GTA, really can't understand the fuss, played it - yawned - played something else. Is it really worth all the faffing about to get it running?

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Well I payed money for it, spent hours installing it and downloading windows updates to get it to work. Now I can't be bothered to play it.


I think I'm gonna dig out my old copy of GTA 3 and google the cheat codes for fast cars and to make myself a slut magnet :lol:

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Ive watched someone playing it and seen some draw distance problems etc like the ones you are mentioning but the game looked the business to me none the less!


watch a live stream at wwww.xfire.com/live_video/

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