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Hey guys i decided to try the game out ive had it for awhile ive actually got it to work on my pc before but i redid my pc last night now it wont load when i click the icon the bf2 loading screen pops up then something saying to insert my disc one into my pc but its already in there.


Pc is running Vista Ultimate 64 Bit

updated to full 1.41 patch

running as admin

and running in capability mode : xp sp2

and pb is updated

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yup its pretty new installed and reads all my other games


reading around in forums does my windows being out of date on updates maybe have an affect im like 85% done downloading them

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ok so it must have been my updates. ive never actually played much of it but was kinda enjoying myself if that game had better graphics it would make it even better

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nope just installed all my windows updates i read on a forum somewhere that one of them has to deal with bf2 well not the whole update just a small part

but i might be wrong

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