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Need help against hacker


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I hope someone can help, my clan has recently come upon a strange hack being used on one of our PB streamed servers, when we use clanforge or modern RCON to ban this guy, he comes back straight away and says we cant ban him, because we like paper trails, we have a ban list, on which his GUID keeps changing, now this makes banning difficult, seeing as it works off the GUID it hasent worked. I hope someone can shed some light on this, so we can get the last laugh and ban the cheatin scum forever. I thank you all in advance.

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The fact is I have no details because Im at work, Im asking this question to stop this happening on our PB streamed server because PB is incapable of stopping this, all I need is info on this subject and then Ill go.

Im a server admin on the *1PARA* servers in the UK, but like I have mentioned, Im currently away from home and cant get details at this point.

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Ask your team account master to post up the problem in a private forum section.

We will address the issue there :) also ask for the players connection entry from the PB logs.

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