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Banned, but not a cheater

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Hi everyone!


So I bought a legit copy of SOF2 GOLD Edition last week after NOT playing for 2 years. Played for some hours, everything was OK. Then I updated punkbuster and BAM! I was banned from servers I had just played in.


The sof2 installation was pretty much default, had downloaded a few maps, osp and rocmod. So I haven't cheated, haven't even played for 2 days and my new shiny SOF2 is useless.


alias: ~DK*Pr3mZ*


screenshot of the damned situation:



What does that even mean? The mpi says my ip address is 84.197.*.209 Belgium... I'm in Estonia. This has to be some kind of a mixup.



whatismyipaddress.com result:




Help me! I love this game + i don't want to think i just wasted my money to play a few hours.

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Either by mistake or by deliberation Activision released a re-issue of sof2 in 2006 and every copy had the same cd key.

This meant that anyone who bought a re-issued game, brand new, would have the same pbguid because the pbguid is a hash of the game cd key.

It was only a matter of time before that cd key would be associated with a cheat.

The Activision solution was to turn off the master server.


I am not saying that this is the case here, but its a possible explanation to your dilema.


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aaahhhh no way :( that sucks... I hope this is not the case.


But is the genuine CD key checking now disabled on PB?

EDIT: got the answer already.... Anyway this is a Major cockup by Activision, old game or not, it's not hard to give a unique key with new copies.


thx for the responses.

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The best thing to do in your case or anyone else wanting to buy the game is make sure its sealed and LOOK at the date on it..if its dated before 2006 then the key is still good . Theres still many many new\older games out there in retail stores and bargain bins,,you just gotta check the date 1st to be safe.

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