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Hello all,


I would like to take the time to write this to all the Staff at PBBans and the overwhelming help of them and the community. I'm a 14 year old gamer, and i had a bit of trouble getting my 2nd server working. However with the help of the Staff at PBBans it didn't take long for them to tell me what my problem was, and for me to go fix it.


If i get some more cash in hand, i would be more than happy to donate, as this gaming project has become a major sucess. Without PBBans, we would only have Punkbuster, however there are some smart hackers out there. Those smart hackers have now been caught and no longer can play on many servers.


So i would like to say a GREAT thanks to PBBans, for the help, support, and the project that they developed. My clan has been around for about 2months. I have had Non-PB servers for a while as people can just get passed PB pretty easy, hackers that is. And so i thought, what's the point of having PB when half the people can't play and hackers can pass PB simply.


However, then it hit me, there must be some smart, helpful and very wise people that have developed something to fix this problem in the gaming community. Then i saw another server streaming PBBans, and i simply asked their leader and he helped me out on the site, then i went from there. I've only been streaming PBBans for a day or so, however PBBans just makes things a lot better, like having greatings, and MD5 and CVAR scans regularily.


So i have written a fair bit, however i could go on for a lot longer with how happy i am with PBBans. But i'll leave it at that, i think we all get it, i am greatly appreciated of all the work and efefort that has gone into this project. I think it was worth it and i think many more people would agree with me.


Thankyou PBBans and Staff.


Kind regards,

Razzen~ B)

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Thankyou for the kind words :)


No worries at all, i just thought that i'd let the community know how they have helped me, and the staff especially. Without you guys, i'd still be running Non-PB servers with hackers :(


Thanks again,


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