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server not streaming


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why this is happening? the server is original not cracked.. any help? thx




That IP address points to an ISP and not a GSP.

The supplied server address does not show as active on any game tracking site or HLSW.

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It does not show up in COD, COD2, COD4, COD:WaW, etc, on that site. I checked. It also does not show up in HLSW as anything, the server simply does not exist.


You can't stream a home server here, let alone one run off your local PC.


It has to be run from a dedicated server IP you rent from a GSP, or a dedicated box hosted by either a GSP, or co-location server facility.

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yes i have my machine on a co-location server facility and yes is shownig in game-monitor.com. maybe is some settings or ports for HLSW? because i have 2 servers CoD2 and i want to stream them.. this is my ip. on first post i wrote it wrong.. sorry.. :s



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Your team account currently looks like this;



Team: |No-MeRcY| Clan (cyprus) (|No-MeRcY|)

Account ID: 5145

Streaming Status: Not Streaming (0 / 1)




Server List


AA -



User List


master! (126352)


Helpful Links:

Account Management

CVAR / MD5 Scans (Setup and Use)

PBBans Hub Flags

Master Player Index

Automated Hub Setup

Not Streaming Fix




before we progress, can you explain this;


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yes. one reason is this. i want to stream to protect my clan from cheaters and also war matches to be fair. i have nothing to hide. this things happens and i'm very disappointed from that ban. my server is currently streaming in GV. also i was streaming before but i changed company and now i cant stream my new server and my friends servers.. :s

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Share on other sites is my old server now is used by others. my new ip is: and a friend want to stream also with ip both server are blacklisted. this is my problem.. :s

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