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damn aimbotters


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For starters you should be added as an SGA here if your server is streaming.... if you are infact streaming the logs will show it and they will also show proof of a hack being used. Have whoever signed up to stream here show the logs in a post and actions will be taken.

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There are plenty of steps once your SGA to help keep your servers clean depending on the actual game the server runs :lol: Cod4? take in game demo = ban if u have good enough proof. BF2 pretty much workin off SS's .

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We would not know were to begin without a full server address. ;)


Are md5 scans active on the server ?

Are autopbss enabled ?

Does anyone actively check the pbss generated by the server ?

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Even if you stream to all streaming sites like PSB,GGC,PBBANS etc you will still get cheaters on your server when they have a clean guid.So you need active admins who are always online ;).

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