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B3 is just a server admin thing i would believe you could use it with any GSP ;) ive played on a couple servers with B3 running


Yeah so have i, but when you look at the installation guide, its saying you need to login into SSH on a remote server and install it there...

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You'll definitely need to contact your host. My experience with gameservers when I asked for the ManuAdmin mod to be installed was that they simply do not support this mod. If you run a dedi-box, you can install it yourself. If you just rent one or two IP's then not to likely without direct help from the support-desk at your host.

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I have installed b3bot, but I have a dedicated host. Besides, Gameservers have been nothing but laggy for us, so we dropped them. Just ask them, sometimes they will do it, but most wont.


If you are a US based team, there is one out there that will do it for you. If Euro based, KillerCreation will do it for you, and they are VERY solid.

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