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Hi, i would like to know why i cant see my server in the server list in the COD4 ? My server is streaming by PB around 12 hours ago and its impossible to see us in list. New ip and new server.cfg !!??

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In Cod4 the in game server list normally shows the higher ranked and popular servers.Sometimes making it hard for new servers to show. One thing most people will tell u that will help is ask your GSP to change your port from 28960 to 28930 it refreshes better :P

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Server Audit Tool makes figuring out why your server does not appear fairly easy, and offers suggestions to help you along.


Most of the time, I've found mine simply just need to be shut down for a period of 20 minutes or so, and then have several of your clan-members immediately populate it for a while, even if they are not going to play. Once that is done, they tend to show up properly. This is especially true of servers that recently patched up to the 1.7 patch from a previous version of the game.


The port-change 'Die suggested helps as well.

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Thanks a lot guys...very happy for your good supports! I,m gonna look every possibility. And now my port is 28930!! lol Good beginning no!? ;)




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well its position on the master list which is different. Higher = traffic. Lower = fail...


Just the way it goes. I was lucky to pick up this server before it reset on the list


I'm currently 419 / 14565

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What the tool actually does is show you how to get listed on the list. What it can't do is guarantee a position on the list. At the given moment, your actual position on the master server list will be based on users on server, name, and various other issues.


Added to which, the server list I can pull up will be much different from yours, the person sitting next to you, across the street from you, or in the next city, state, province, etc. There's a "luck-factor" involved.


Best advice I can give you is this. Make sure the server-audit tool shows everything green, and then have two or more clan-members idle the server on a regular basis if you want it to show up regularly. A lot of players filter out empty servers, as well as servers with certain modes/settings, so yours will not always show on everyone's list, add the fact there are over 15000+ servers out there, give or take a few 1000 numbers on that, and the ones that show first are the ones closest to the person, with the lowest ping, most often.

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Yes, I am having a similar problem hopefully I can fix it by the end of the weekend.

Regarding your PM; your server is not streaming as you have not created a team account or added your server here at PBBans.

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