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Hi i am the server owner of 3 servers which stream to PB Bans...We recently removed the guy who was the so called master of our group....Now a month later neither me nor the other members can access the live hubs...My user name is juskidn and our clan tag is =KB= which stands for "killer b" ... How can i now become the master user so we can get back to seeing our hubs....Our hubs are still streaming because i checked the ip's but i cannot access them....Our ip's are, and thx...

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Pops23 has taken over the account again and kicked you and the other users out.

Also 2 of the 3 servers were deleted, he kept


To solve this problem, I think you guys have to apply again!!

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and how did that happened when i have kicked him first it was done by you gyus.... you kicked a whole clan with 90 bans and gave our acount with the =KB= name to someone with no server and no site ???

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Right .. enough is enough .. we are not getting into inter clan disputes etc here .. the original account I am going to lock down and remove all servers from it (#2738)

A full reapplication will be required by anyone who is interested in using PBBans streaming services.

I will guarantee that a more rigorous than normal vetting procedure will be done on any applications made by anyone from this clan so please, get your own house in order before making any applications and please read this;


PBBans would prefer clans / groups that use our service to manage their own affairs in a proper manner, thats why so much control is given to TA masters, we feel that if you pay money to keep servers up and running it's the least your entitled to, but when that control is creating problems for us, then thats when someone has to step in and put a stop to said problems.

If you feel this decision is harsh your welcome to stream elsewhere.

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