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Access Denied *** #3819


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There are two teams (TA 3819 and TA 7106) with the same information. TA 3819 was not actively streaming at the time this information was discovered. TA 3819 has been locked as each clan is only allowed one team account.


Please contact pAuz (117998) to request addition to TA 7106.



Team: Clutch Impact ET (ci. ET)

Account ID: 7106

Streaming Status: Streaming (1 / 1)


pAuz (117998)

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I am the founder of Clutch Impact. Pauz is a team leader. He is currently embroiled in an unhealthy addiction to WoW and is on vacation. No one has talked with him in days.



Since my account is the original and I am the clan founder can I have this decision reversed somehow? I understand the need for having only one account per team and will have Pauz added to my account for server management, when he shows back up. I need to get our COD4 server set up for competition prior to Monday night and I don't know if I can contact Pauz by then.

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One of the staff will add you to the newer account and you can sort things out for yourselves :)

If no one else takes care of it, I will do so myself when I finish work.

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Thank you for handling the account issue.


I'm having another issue now regarding adding this server.


Our server, a www.moreal.org server, appears to be 'blacklisted'. This server is new to us and was purchased recently, about exactly a month ago(3/22/09) if I'm not mistaken.


Can we get this IP,, removed from the 'blacklist'. What other course of action can we take?

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