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Killing Floor


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Killing Floor, a new co-op survival horror game, from the creators of Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45, Tripwire Interactive.


Interview @ IGN: http://pc.ign.com/articles/964/964778p1.html

Interview @ Filefront: http://news.filefront.com/gt-qa-tripwires-killing-floor/

Official website: http://www.killingfloorthegame.com/


If you actually look beyond the somewhat dated graphics, it's a pretty nice game. It used to be a free mod for UT2004, but Tripwire hired the team and they completely revamped it and brought it retail.

Unlike L4D, this game focuses more on the 'horror' factor; there's no 'versus' mode, it's just you and up to 5 of your friends, traveling through the map, surviving against zombie hordes and eventually an 'end-boss'. During the game, you will be able to find weapons (12+) or buy them from a trader which is hidden somewhere on the map.

Another unique gameplay option is the ability to weld doors shut, to control the flow of specimen a bit. The game's also rumored to have barricading, but that hasn't been confirmed.


Pre-orders started on steam at 13,49 euros, release @ 14th of May which is in 4 days, so buy it now if you want to save 25%.


There's zombies, chainsaws, and Duality and me playing it; you have no excuse to not buy it :P


Before anyone goes 'lol l4d copy'; I've played L4D since release and enjoyed it very much. This game is sufficiently different from L4D to warrant buying it, especially for the low price ;)


About the Game


Killing Floor is a Co-op Survival Horror FPS set in the devastated cities and countryside of England after a series of cloning experiments for the military goes horribly wrong. You and your friends are members of the military dropped into these locations with a simple mission: Survive long enough to cleanse the area of the failed experiments!


Cooperative gameplay for up to six players against multiple waves of specimens

Persistent Perks system, allowing players to convert their in-game achievements into permanent improvements to their character's skills and abilities

Over 40 Steam Achievements, including “Dignity for the dead” for killing 10 enemies feeding on dead teammates' corpses and “Hot Cross Fun” for finishing off 25 burning enemies with a Crossbow

Slow-motion “ZEDtime” to better watch those crucial and violent creature deaths, even in multiplayer

Solo game mode for offline play

Nine different monster types trying to eat your face off, armed with everything from teeth and claws, to chainsaws, chain-guns and rocket-launchers

12+ weapons for the players to chose from, ranging from knives and fire-axes to pump shotguns, rifles and a flamethrower

Equip your team with welders, medical tools and body armor to help your odds of survival

Choose which Perks to play with to best balance out your co-op team against the horrors

Open, non-linear play areas: choose when and where to fight — or run; weld doors closed to direct the monster horde down alternate corridors

Fully-configurable, allowing players to change the difficulty level, number of creature waves, or even set up their own favorite waves of monsters

Support for Steam Friends and other Steamworks features

Includes SDK for the creation of new levels and mods

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Left 4 Dead is a highly polished game designed from the bottom up to deliver great team play and fluidity through the levels as you play towards your end goal of being rescued.


Killing Floor is a (rather poor) mod from a previous game that has been released as a stand-alone game to make some cash. Game highlight is staying in one place, welding a door shut and shooting zombies. Utterly boring and repetitive.


I wish I hadn't bought it tbh.

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Yea I prefer Left 4 Dead over Killing Floor. Some of my clan mates may disagree with me on it. But I think Left 4 Dead just runs smoother.

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ok i got a little addicted to this game...



i suck, but, it is pretty damn fun


oh btw,


is there documentation for this game?

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ok i got a little addicted to this game...



i suck, but, it is pretty damn fun


oh btw,


is there documentation for this game?


Should be a manual in:



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