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stolen cod 4 key


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:angry: Hi i am a member of [NTC] cod4 clan and have been playing cod4 since it came out, but on july 17th 09 i got an error mssage stating that my cd key was in use and to try again later, my clan leader checked the logs and found the name and ip of the person using it, but my concern is that if he/she e.g. cheekymoobag,who i DONT know is caught hacking /cheating then it's my guid thats going to get banned,so what can i do? can i get an ip ban for this person or what?

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If you decide to buy a new game, run a complete malaware scan of your computer.

The concern should be how it got "out in the wild" in the first place.

This is normally a result of a player running some sort of instant lvl55 or tweak programme for the game, a lot of them contain a back door trojan that instantly sends the game cd key to another location.

The last thing you want is a new cd key joining the old one leaked onto the internet.

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if your cd-key is leaked, then the best way is to buy a new game.

basicly ... the only way. Leaked keys would be used to cheat - if they wouldn't stay banned - again.


On another note: Only buy games off reputable vendors, no online-key-traders, no discount offers etc., several are notorious to sell the same key n-times.

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