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PLS help this is 30th time that i am trying to find help


Recommended Posts this is ip.I had streaming status here and server was off few days...and it is on now...it is streaming now to gv and i know that it can stream and here in the same time....pls pls pls pls....i add a valid data in aplication u can check all data...please tell me what is the problem.


Best regards,cya

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Dude, you have made 7 applications that have all been denied for one reason or another.

click me


All you have to do is read this;


and make sure you comply with the team account streaming requirements listed there.

We can not help applicants that have repeatedly refused to help themselves.

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I have email on hotmail (i have legal genuine Windows XP) and on yahoo...yahoo is not ok....but may I apply with msn account?And forum id not a problem that i can fix to be public...I will create one new forum which is public.E-mail i cant fix if msn is not ok for application...:(:(....any help further?

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I have MSN email and i am asking is that email valid or not for application?I can make forum which is public that is not the problem at all.My english is not so good so please...help me and write answer on my question,



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No... hotmail is also a free e-mail service... You need one that you can't just register for. For example one from your job/school or from your internet provider or from your clan's website etcetera.

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