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  1. Welcome Back guys, Good Job
  2. lol @ Bazzar he just earned his Expert Twat Combat Badge
  3. oh i write software for a living & never thought of that :P ;) im glad your here to lead the way! :blink:
  4. if i was using it i would be carefull, as im NOT i could'nt give a (insert a word here) i have though while online manually typed the commands into the console (omg takes ages) i have been asked by several ppl i talk to via forums about wether it is bannable, i have looked into it as you will see from my posts above & passed the relevant info on.
  5. many thanks for your helpfull replys Duality. Looking forward to the conclusion to this one as im sure many are :)
  6. thank you for clearing that up :) so if Hitfixer becomes bannable by using Autohotkey to run it, would making changes to GSInterpolationTime via the console be bannable also? correct me if im wrong, thats what the Hitfixer does.
  7. So if I run Autohotkey for my spreadsheets, and forget to turn it off before loading Battlefield 2 - I risk having my account banned by PunkBuster? Nostromo? G15? Any Logitech programmable mouse or joystick? Hmmmm Interesting.... Now the quesiton is, is this legal even with us agreeing to the EULA since Autohotkey is not modifying game files, does Punkbuster have the right to disable or disallow service? Someone who is a lawyer can answer that please. There are legitimate uses for macro programs like JoyToKey and AutoHotkey. Example: Allow you to paste an IP address into th
  8. yep it has a KeybdHook which maps the command to a key. that bannable? Autohotkey bannable?
  9. ye thanks for the txt xmas day BaZ, Hope the pool wasnt to warm for ya :P
  10. cheats can be banned via pbss aswell as pbdemos & md5 etc, post findings in pb/demo submission area for head admin to vet, they will advise if you have a catch or not.
  11. check your svss folder, go thru the screenshots maybe? takes time but when you find a haxor this way its very rewearding imo GL
  12. cool :) cheers fozzer m8, i thought simple HW changes like that wud be too obvious tbh :)
  13. Or get a new NIC? New NIC, new mac address, so would that get around a hardware ban, does a hardware ban by mac addy or something else? with a reformat of your HDD & a new NIC surely a hardware ban could be got around?
  14. that a shotgun ur using or a 105mm howitzer?, man thats messy......lol
  15. Hi everyone, Im new to pb streaming :) & looking forward to learning mucho from you guys :) Im admin on & Barrysplanet.com (rcon & ftp access) Streaming ok ;) heya BaZ ;) , I c every1 here loves ur ava too! :) lol
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