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Stolen GUID.


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My problem is, I've been banned from PBBAN...


Here are the details.

Alias core2duo (GT | GM) IP Address us.gifViolation Caught by Demo (MULTIHACK)

Well, as you can see, the Alias is core2duo... I never used this pseudo. Then The IP: From U.S.A... I'm from France!

And the reason.


You so can see that my guid has surely been stolen... How? I don't know. I've got "Spybot S&D" so it wasn't a spybot. And a good Antivirus.

It could be possible somebody had my CD-Key from a Keygen... and then cheated!

And I am banned from every servers i'm trying to log on.


I need Help unbanning my GUID.


I must talk with some people working for PBBAN...


I was taken aback to see after installing the game (I uninstalled it one year before) that i was banned from every servers.

I'm really disgusted from that. I send a "Ban appeal" Ticket, it was denied. Now, I'm really angry, and I wan't to talk with someone from PBBAN.


The only way to contact them I found is this Forum. Nobody answer on the IRC "Ban appeal" Channel. And there's no button named "Contact us". Is that because they know they're totally unfair?


Well, please answer me. As GGC Stream did very quicly... (But they can't help me 'till that's PBBAN that Banned me.)




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Your cd-key was stolen by someone who lives in France. They cheated with it, and got the respective GUID banned. The ban is valid and will not be lifted. If you want to play, avoid PBBans streaming servers, or go buy a new cd-key.

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We did not ban you. We ban GUIDs. Solely. This guid was used to cheat and was subsequently banned. The ban is valid and will not be removed. This cd-key is leaked = valueless and would be used to cheat again, if it was not banned. Return the game for a refund.

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Well, this is all you can say?

I paid 50€ to buy this game! Someone cheated with my key and then you tell me to buy a new game?

You must be joking? And Justice? You know it's totally unfair! It's also simple for you to unban me, you've just got to push a single button! And it's done! Why don't you do so! You want proof that I am really not the one who cheated with this GUID?


Add me on Xfire it will really be easy to talk with you.

I can't stand reading this post and keep saying me "Oh you won't be able, NEVER, to play on COD4 multi online"


And you? If you were ban and it wasn't because of you but because of an unknown hacker... What would you do? You think you can throw away the 50€ I paid just like if I was just an idiot and I will pay another Game?


Theres nothing to talk about.

The only person responsible for securing your pc is you, nobody else, and given the information I am about to list below, I would suggest that you run a complete malware scan on your pc because the cd key you use is "out in the wild".



The pbguid is a unique 32 digit hexadecimal hash (digital fingerprint) of the game cd key.

What is undisputable is that a player with a pbguid of e1561b6190f7d5ebdb5c9dd3c3df674d

was caught cheating on a PBBans streaming server.

The players IP points to the U.S.A.

The same cd key has been used by players based in the U.S.A. / Germany / Netherlands / France.


We know that your not the player who raised the ban (we have a policy of moving players with a cheating history to a special forum section)

The options available to you (after you have secured your pc) are;

1. Play on servers that do not use the PBBans banlist.

2. Buy a new game cd and move on.


There is no way we are going to remove a perfectly valid ban from our systems.

No one is saying you cant play cod4 mp ever again, what we are saying is that you will not be able to play on a server that uses the PBBans banlist with the banned pbguid.

Not every server streams to PBBans or uses our banlist, but a lot do.

The choice is yours what you do next.

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