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Star Wars Mod: Galactic Warfare 1.0 Final


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haha...Very awesome. I may have to convert my 50 slot server to this. LOL

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This type of excellent MOD is something CODMW2 will never get to experience since Infinity Ward cut out dedicated servers thus cutting out the modding community. Thumbs up to the Black Monkey development team. :bigtup:


Look forward to some games on this mod! I've set up my COD4 server with this mod for a now ( ). I'm sure there will be many more. :)

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Bash and Slash interview with the makers of this mod:




That's a great interview, thanks for the link :)


Have to agree with the interviewer, it is a superb mod and more to come by the sound of things, although they weren't giving too much away.


I think after playing the game for a very short time when I first downloaded it you can see the work that's gone into it, the level of detail on the map is great and the music just complements that. :bigtup:

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Well for some stupid reason or another I can't download the mod from the site that Maydax posted, it doesn't DL the entire file and says its corrupted or something.....tried it twice.

I found another link if anyones having issues like me......its at Filefront.....Star Wars GW Mod

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We've got it setup as a one click mod install for customers and I have to say it's pretty intense. They've got a ton of time invested in this and it's just fantastic. The amount of detail and design put into this is amazing. I might find myself getting back into COD4 as I forgot simply how much fun this game still is.


HSMagnet, hit me up on Live Chat on my website, shoot me a PM here, or xfire 1xfactor and I'll help walk you through the setup on your server.

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