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Disabling Status Updates for New Members


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I don't really see how it being a shoutbox is a problem if only SGA members could use it. However There does seem to be an increasing number of guests posting for help using it. I think making it SGA only would be a good step.

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I used to play cybernations and we had to get rid of our shoutbox on our alliance fourm is it led to security issues. A hacker used it to gain access (cant remember how but I could try and found out) and wiped most of the forum. Also took out a lot of access - thankfully we had backups so got restored fairly quickly. Is a shoutbox/status update needed anyway?

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Is a shoutbox/status update needed anyway?



^Couldn't agree more. Get rid of either option all together. To me, this site is about so much more than "look at me" and what I am up to fluff. Save shout boxes/updates for the generic clan site.


There are so many other avenues for self expression on the net, that this forum would be better off without either. Who gives a shit what Joe Blow is up to anyway, other than Joe? wink.gif

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It's been removed. It was part of the color names mod.




Probably for the best.


If things can be worked out for an anti cheat cooperation with EA/DICE, it would be best (imho) in the long run to keep things 'on task', without site clutter/filler fluff. Who knows, if things go well - and other companies come by to see what the attraction w/ PBbans is all about, they will see a community with a singular focus on anti-cheat issues. Having a forum void of such things lends a feeling of crediability/seriousness to the main goal. Never hurts to put ones best foot forward. You never know who may be checking you out. cool.gif

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