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how long ?


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does it matter ??


Yes it does :)

We can only accept pbss from servers that stream to PBBans (except ET) for validation and authenticity purposes.

I dont see you or the website listed in your profile as belonging to a team account we have in our systems.

If we know who submitted the pbss we can look in the relevant forum section and check on its progress.

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well i just hate cheaters and i would like to se all scumbags getting banned thats all, so i was just asking how long it takes cos some playes are just hm amazing haha if u know what i mean.

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Ahh sorry my priofile is a bit oudated my old clan feel by the wayside & the few active members merged with another clan & my new clan does stream here & i help screen PBSS for them & i came acrross this guy then i can also see he has been caught before for the same thing and i know the PBSS was submitted on saturday thats the only reason i wanted to know as i & my clan hate cheats especialy repeat offenders then when they get caught i thought it would be quicker than 3 - 4 days im not trying to be rude im swedish so srorry about my spelling & English.


Since you are not part of the SGA group and apparently are not the one who submitted, why worry about it?

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If you want to be in on the loop with submissions by your clan, then assuming your clan structure is fine with it - you should contact someone on the SGA team to have you added to the account.


Everything is dealt with on an as it comes in basis but we'll very rarely share any information with anyone who doesn't appear to be authoritative for a team/clan.

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