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Hack Testers?


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Anyone heard of players being authorized by EB to test out hacks?


I thought all suspected cheats needed to be sent to EB and then they will test them out on private servers. We have some players who I've known for quite some time claiming they work with EB to test out hacks when instructed. The problem is one of them got popped by PB on my server I banned him for using a multihack. If it's legit I don't know if the ban will be lifted because testing hacks on public servers, even if it's only for a few minutes, without letting an admin know doesn't seem very smart IMO.

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PB banned this guy for a multihack so I added him to the pbbans.dat to make sure it's permanent.


The only reason it's even remotely being considered by myself and the other admins is that one of the guys in his clan has been around for a long time and is pretty respected by us.


We're of the opinion that only employees of EB would do the testing and then only on private servers so the explanations aren't going over very well ATM.


Just thought I'd ask though, thanks for the input.

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Now, speak of that, do you people need any help with that?

Can i apply to be a hack tester or such?

My reasons are pretty simple, i have done similar things with my friend who is a clan leader. And by doing such things we banned a few bots.Yet however i still find lots of working cheats surfing the web and i wanna do all i can to at least ban those that i can find.It's a shame to be able to come to a random forum to download cheats and even be told if they are undetected or not. It's a bloody shame.

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yea any cheats or info U find Send to the right people, even if u are honestly trying them out so u know wut to look for and to stop them, u will get banned amnd labled a cheater, w/e u get send to the EB people and they will handle it how its suppost to be handle


I wouldnt believe the guy that got busted when he says he works for EB- no matter how koo and how long u knew his team mate or buddy


If EB let people test and use the hacks on public servers such as saying, So N So go ahead use the cheat let us know- How many people would end up using the Line "EB said I could"


they dont- they test it but Any info anyone ever finds needs to be sent to EB asap- Dont take it in your own hands b/c u will get in trouble no matter if u are trying to help or not

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we have had an instance in the past were a streaming admin was asking if it would be ok to test a cheat on his server so he could train other admins in what to look for ... after we strongly advised him against this he went ahead and tested .. problem was he forgot to disable streaming and ended up on the mbi <_ and got his very own place in the convicted cheaters section>


harsh lesson but unfortunately we operate a zero tolerance policy and as anyone who has been around here for any length of time knows, we value our integrity above all else


anyone who claims to be testing a hack for evenbalance on a public is a liar :D

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Evenbalance would never allow anyone to test cheats/hacks . they have there own research team , and even if they were to test it against there pb system , they have a seperate non-public pb server to test it on.

if anyone gets caught cheating and claims they are testing i assure you it is not athorized by any staff member of Evenbalance's .


So as been said many many many times DO not attempt to test cheats/hacks .

If you do you will be taking a huge risk . For a confirmed ban will never be removed.

And your taking a chance of possibly being hardware banned rendering your pc useless on any pb enabled game/server.

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