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Battlefield Heroes Breached


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Battlefield Heroes is Offline

We are currently investigating an apparent security breach related to our free-to-play Battlefield Heroes franchise. We are working to identify which accounts were affected and will take all precautions to ensure those players are notified as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to have the game back online shortly.



Battlefield Heroes ist offline

Wir untersuchen zur Zeit einen Sicherheitsbruch in Verbindung mit unserer Battlefield Heroes Franchise. Wir bemühen uns darum, alle betroffenen Konten zu identifizieren und sicher zu stellen, dass alle relevanten Spieler so schnell wie moeglich informiert werden. Wir bitten um ihr Verständis, falls diese Unterbrechung Ihnen Unannehmlichkeiten bereitet hat und hoffen, das Spiel bald wieder online zu haben.




A list of 550,000+ users and md5 encoded passwords were stolen.


As always it would be wise to change any passwords that you use which are the same as your BF Heroes one. Old or current.

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Goddamn it EA.


I bet they spend a hell of a lot of cash protecting their corporate interests though :angry:


just throwing money at it does not insure the task is adequately fulfilled


there are people that consider hacking companies that have chapped their ass to be their calling


takes more than cash to counter that

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Well as all the passwords are linked to the same EA account I'd reccomend that people reset their EA passwords.


I did wonder why it was telling me my password wasn't recognised...

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i changed my EA account password


let's see now. i am not happy with origin taking over EA accounts, all the EA game's login tied to the EA account and my name on the list of stolen info.


i will stop the list there. i do not have the time or energy to give this subject the red faced, spittle and profanity filled rant it so justly deserves....

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