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Getting pretty sick of getting kicked by a server admin for being on a little streak that probably included him and feel the need to rant :angry:


The latest was this server;

xXxAppelxXx´s 24/7 Rush Mode Metro [Addicted Gaming] [[ADG]]


Server IP


My score at the time was 16 kills 3 deaths (all gun/grenade kills and 1 knife)


I hope the server admin comes across this on google or something, because kicking players for killing the opposing team is definitely not the way to generate interest from prospective new clan members, nor will it encourage a return visit from players at the receiving end.

The admin that kicked me thoroughly deserves to be called a;



Rant over.

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Did he give you a message re the kick?


Sometimes I get booted without a message to make way for "VIP" players - it's annoying but not much recourse other than to avoid the server in future.

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I was able to track down the guy listed on gametracker as the server manager and from there tracked down the clan website.

I was able to inform the clan founder how admin abuse has a negative impact on his clan, and he has in turn promised to have a word with the admin involved :P

The server was nowhere near full at the time so that rules out a kick for a VIP, if that had of been the case there is no way I would have made such a song and dance about it.

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I am guilty of the vip kick on my personal server. But i only kick to make space for friends , and myself. I only allow a vip kick if the player is idle with no score, i never kick a player thats playing.

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