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2 cheaters will wallhack+aimbot+norecoil


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Alright so, I tried posting one of these hackers on * forums since there was a hacker or two in their server. Have not gotten a reply so I'm hoping you guys can do something. I've got demos of both of these guys hacking, one even bragged that it wouldn't matter if he got banned because he has multiple guids. Well *from TWL...I have 3 of your listed guids right here. *. Caught this guy blatant hacking with a demo on him in EW promod server today at about 3:15pm cst. Have the demos on file, but I can't upload due to the max file size on attachments. Should I just make em into a video and upload to youtube?


Edit: The other hacker is already globally banned, just not server banned.

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PBBans can only accept evidence obtained on servers that stream their logs via PBBans.

This is to ensure that the evidence provided has not been tampered with in any way.


This is especially important re any demo evidence that is submitted to PBBans for consideration.

The demo must be taken by an "in game" recording facility provided by the game developers.

The demo must be from a streaming server.

The demo must be submitted by the streaming server admin.

The demo must be accompanied by the relevant log entries that are part of the demo submission process here at PBBans.

Only when a demo meets all the above criteria can the validation process to prove authenticity begin on our side of things.


Any demo/video taken with an outside recording facility such as fraps etc etc, or posted on xfire or youtube, is not valid and easily "doctored" by malicious users.

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The demo was taken using /record in-game. The server was ah nvm. i thought they were streaming...sigh. more hackers get away. alright thanks, ill jsut have to try my luck with the server admins.

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The other hacker is already globally banned, just not server banned. Was 37e4a370 guid.


That GUID is PBBans banned, but not globally banned. Global bans come straight from PB themselves and render the persons CDKEY useless on all PB enabled servers.

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