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Pbbans crashing server?


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1) Update PunkBuster on your server;

2) Ensure you're running the latest game patch;

3) Update all your PB config's with those from our MCi (link on top navigation).


If the issue still persists open a ticket (seen only by yourself and staff) and copy in all of your PB configs.



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A very misleading topic to say the least which I will answer in a direct fashion.


PunkBuster™ does not cause servers to crash.

Streaming does not cause servers to crash.


Any crash issues should be taken up with your RSP/GSP

This topic may be of some help to you;


Especially this post;


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I had daily server crashes on my servers before I moved to a new provider, previous provider always blamed streaming for lag, crashes and the state of the world economy. Of course I knew that was BS, tried somewhere else and have servers that don't crash and stream perfectly well.


The moral is, try a new provider as Fozzer stated. ;)

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We have some players join and then no log of them leaving is recorded ,BUT ! the server has crashed /failed etc ,from the GSP & procon logs ,if someonewas trying something out it took them about an hour to crash it , playername that never disconnected is mati01595,actually palyer not found was the log, joined at 3.31am and never left ,no other players were

on the server .


This has occurred 2-3 times over a period of 1 month ,possibly a bug/vuln in the BF3 game software ?,as fault tolerance

level of the server ,memory & cpu at the time were not the issue from the server stats captured.


Server logs gsp


GameCreate stopped Aussie Battlefield-24/7 -Bigpond Unmetered. 01/10/2013 04:32:08

Fail Process failure (Server crashed?) 01/10/2013 04:32:08


But it appears the server went offline @ 4.27am AEST ,


Edit :

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