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Viol 79551 Bans Removed (BF3)


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Violations #79551, #89246, #89296, and #89229 have been converted to Restriction kicks in our system since they can be triggered by common macro programs. We encourage server admins to give players the benefit of the doubt for these violation numbers as some of the kicks were not caused by a cheating macro.




80 Battlefield 3 Bans have been removed from the MBi.

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Old post and your ban is with EvenBalance the makers of PunkBuster, not PBBans. Had your violation been raised on a streaming server your account would be restricted.

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I'm down to two bans now, looks like i had one of these.


I'm glad my one and only still is valid, what a bummer if that one had been deleted... apparently some bad ones have to be released for the sake of the innocent ones - if any :brownbag: .

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The #71177 cheat violation and subsequent bans are globalguid bans that have been issued by Even Balance themselves.

Every global ban is exclusively issued and maintained by Even Balance, and no third party anti cheat site has any input what so ever.


I find it funny that a lot of the cheat community members have failed to grasp the fact that EB is not affiliated to any third party anti cheat site in any shape or form, and most probably think they are irritating EB when we get ddos'd, when in fact any attack on any third party anti cheat site has no effect what so ever on Even Balance or PunkBuster™ software.

Because the #71177 violation has nothing at all to do with the original topic, or PBBans for that matter, thread closed.

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