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Hellp this server is too many hacker s


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If a report will hand cramp ,for every minute of cheat you should enter the server feel


adm is not online

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In Asia, suit every ten server has eight hacker! this isn't fair!! you should strengthen management now . Report does not address the underlying problems of cheating



These hackers very low-key they only using fluoroscopy or automatic headshot



One game kill more than 40 people

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Let me see, you are complaining about cheaters, while you are globally banned by punkbuster?


This has nothing to do with PBBans, you should play on PB protected server, better if they also stream to PBBans but obviously with a global guid ban you cant. You were told in your topic to appeal your ban at evenbalance, can you tell us what was the conclusion?


Reference: http://www.pbbans.com/forums/i-weill-be-ban-hellp-t161594.html/

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I think you may be confusing PBBans with Even Balance (the creators of PunkBuster™ software)

If you wish to offer advice or make a complaint to Even Balance, the only avenue is to create a troubleticket;



PBBans is a privately run, third party anti cheat site;



A simple google search of your forum name will give anyone who is interested the probable reason why you got a globalguid ban.

No amount of posting on here is going to change anything one iota.

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I sent this post to solve the problem of Asian clothing cheat a suggestion: you can arrange regular inspections of some spies in Asia server? They only need to add the server to feel you know the child's pain be cheating if you can not cheat to get10 ranked

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"Asian clothing cheat"


obviously, english is not your native language.


google translate is not your friend


RAAAAAAHHHHHHHH - I have so missed these threads and comments during "the black out period" - you guys all contributed to make my day and Magnet topped it off.... I'm still laughing over here. _Love you all_ :bump:

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