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Good on you pbbans!


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For sometime now ive ran game servers and a few times in the past ive attempted to stream pbbans but never actully completed it, i guess ive been abit lazy and just never actully looked into things here. This week ive managed to stream to my servers for the first time with the help of some pbbans staff which im greatfull for. Ive had a good read into pbbans website and now i understand more about what pbbans is all about and i must admit i now understand why pbbans has put so much time and effort in here. What pbbans staff do here is really great and i totally appreciate all the hardwork you all put into it. Keep up the good work!!! Regards Ste

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I can't agree more. PBBans offer a great service for all us honest people who just want some great games, nothing worse than some hacker coming and spoiling the fun. The support is also fantastic. My hats off to you all top work and thank you.

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lol Ste you suckup :hismiley:


jk ;)


On a serious note... I've lost my SGA status about a year ago when I gave up our little clanserver cause the game we were playing just got too old and unpopular so I haven't been on PBBANS site as much with my limited access but from my "active" time I remember everybody from staff always being helpful and many times going out of their way to find solutions to peoples problems so ...big applause to everyone :clapsmiley: :clapsmiley: :clapsmiley:

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For me there never really was any doubt about where to stream.

No other site that I've been streaming to gave me the ability to do proper research when things weren't clear [comparing linked GUIDs, cross-reference IP's, etc].


So in my opinion, PBBans is the best site to stream to, had the least screwups where it came to filtering out fake bans, and, most important, has maintained their integrity throughout the years. So I have to admit I've come to grow somewhat attached to this place :)


GJ PBBans and all who are working to make it what it is, staff AND streaming admins.




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Yeah, every day Im happy that PBBans is here to help us to have good and clean games.

To protect us against cheaters and hackers.


Thankfull to all the peeps who do this job!

Thx for your effort, patience and energy. :)


Keep up the good work.



:bigtup::clapsmiley: :clapsmiley: :clapsmiley::bigtup:

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I can't really afford to donate at the moment but I make sure I have a server to stream to pbbans with, to help in the fight against cheaters and it would not be as possible without the hard work of the pbbans staff and putting themselves in the line of fire for a better cheat free game. Thanks to all the staff, those that donate to keep pbbans running and have servers streaming for the want of a cheat free game!


I decided to make #pbbans on uk.quakenet.org my irc home. Pop in for a chat anytime, my nick is DIRTYGreeny :)


To everyone involved in pbbans especially the staff.. Good work!! :party0049: :woot: :bigsmile3: :clapsmiley::HistericalSmiley:

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