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1. You can stream to several repositories.

2. Logs are parsed immediately as they arrive

3. Bans are automatically updated via streaming.


We have 100 SoF2 servers. If you're caught on one ,within few seconds you're banned on all.


I'm planing to add following features:

1. Name(clantag) registration:

Players(clan leaders) can register a nick(clantag) and GUID(s).


My GUID is 8D5099408B2B923C84E8E97DB64C3FFD and nick foxdie

If someone with different GUID tries to enter server that streams to us, he will be kicked.

2. Players tracking.

You will be able to find your friends on servers that streams to us either according their GUID or nick.

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Alpha testing is going well, we are currently hammering out the major bugs with MySQL before we think about making a public beta. I am currently building the web control interface for the Hub. IMO this will be the way to stream in the future. So many more options avalible to us.


Most importantly, using the PBBans Hub will free up the current method of streaming therefore servers can stream to another rep if they please. I know leagues are requiring streaming to reps of their choice but now it will no longer be an issue to stream to pbbans 100% of the time.


Once a public beta begins we will offer a config that you can upload to your servers PB folder and edit your pbsv.cfg file. Then restart PB and we will do the rest. Currently game servers contact our rep to stream. With the PBBans Hub this is reversed. Our Hub will contact your server to stream to us.

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yes I would like to hop in on that also as a server admin but a quick question how will this effect the cvars being scanned and files being scanned?

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the actual pbsvcvar and pbsvuser how will this effect them if we multistream?

Admins will see no change in this. The Hub works the same as the current rep.


Also we tested the system today on the dez server. I used a fake cheat cvar check to get kicked, the moment I was kicked I was added to the MBI and all sof2 servers we have in the hub recieved a ban command to ban my guid.


This is the logs of my private server that was empty when I was kicked from my public server:


[06.18.2006 09:53:02] PB UCON [email protected]:40002 [PB_SV_BanGUID b8ee9c0b9634d8f72f1821a34d32cf7f "BPMXMHUB" "" "PBBansHub!CVAR"]

[06.18.2006 09:53:02] Ban Added to Ban List

And this is the command when a ban appeal gets approved here at pbbans:

[06.18.2006 10:10:30] PB UCON [email protected]:40002 [pb_sv_UnBanGuid b8ee9c0b9634d8f72f1821a34d32cf7f]

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ok this is great I am now part of it however other repositories do not want to take me because they say that this is not impossible just to much work on there end


well there is a big difference between something being possible to do, and something being probable to use on our scale. Ever open up a command, or DOS, window? Say there is, on the low end, 100 servers streaming with UCON. That means 100 of those command windows has to be open on a server. PBBans will probably realize soon that it's not as easy as they think.


so now punksbusted wants nothing to do with anyone coming from here to there isnt that a little dumb seeing as we are all trying to acheive one goal a cheat free community?

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Something tells me they didn't see this feature coming from us. We offered a new way of streaming and we are willing to put the extra work to see if it's a good solution. I don't see what the problem is, servers can stream to us using the hub while they can stream to psb using the old method. They are not doing any extra work, we are.


Here is a Hub ban today:


[06.19.2006 18:29:23] ->PBSV: VIOLATION (WALLHACK) #60210: ^0Seek and Destroy (slot #11) Violation (WALLHACK) #60210 [0d3face1a9ede4bcd9f0a73572393d8b(?)]


[06.19.2006 18:29:23] ->PBSV: PB UCON "pbbans"@ [PB_SV_BanGUID 0d3face1a9ede4bcd9f0a73572393d8b "Seek and Destroy" "" "PBBansHub!WALLHACK"]


[06.19.2006 18:29:23] ->PBSV: Ban Added to Ban List


[06.19.2006 18:29:23] ->PBSV: Kick/Ban Command Issued (Prior Kick/Ban) for (slot#11) 0d3face1a9ede4bcd9f0a73572393d8b ^0Seek and Destroy


[06.19.2006 18:29:24] ->PBSV: Lost Connection (slot #11) 0d3face1a9ede4bcd9f0a73572393d8b(?) ^0Seek and Destroy

As you can see this guy was banned on all servers in the hub before he was even kicked for cheating.

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i cant see what the problem is tbh .. you make the normal approaches to psb and get your server(s) streaming in the normal fashion and then you put in your PBBans hub settings .. i have stated before that one of the main things we respect is the admins freedom of choice .. they pay for the server and they should decide whats best for themselves .. wether its streaming in the conventional fashion to either PBBans or psb or give pbucon a go and try multistreaming .. we are putting in the time and effort to test pbucon to see exactly how far we can push it .. dont forget this is still a trial and bugs have been detected and ironed out .. without going into the complexities of it all pbucon is proving to be a really useful utility thus far and there have been no major probs with it at all :)


btw .. point of information .. we already have several psb streamers who are trialling the PBBans pbucon system,and more enquiries by the minute .. you saw how busy our irc channel was last night :)


PBBans has never played the numbers game but is concentrating on providing our supporters with the 3 things we firmly believe in .. quality/integrity/zero tolerance for cheaters :) and as always its an admins choice to stream were he wants to,but as long as we stick to our ethics we will always have supporters.


end of sermon :P

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I straight out asked them now to see what there reply was but there reply before was what was posted above so I'll get back to you about it when they reply


so far replies have been


=GSA.Gollum' date='18 Jun 2006, 03:08 AM' post='131012']


There is still the possibility to do one active stream (the server push the pb-logfiles to an repository).


Witch PBUCON it is possible to do passive streaming (the clients have to log in first to the server to get the pb-logfiles streamed to them)


It might be feasible for small sites, but when we have thousands of servers, it isn't. PBUCON was never designed for this usage - it's for server admins to use on a one-to-one basis.

Edited by maester
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yah maester .. i think you might have to spell it out in simple words that your not asking them to stream your servers via a hub .. all your asking is to stream with them using the old method :)

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thanx guys I have applied to get my servers streaming with them just hope it doesnt cause issues with pbbans because if it does im with pbbans 100%

the other psb streamers who are using our PBBans hub have reported no issues what so ever :)

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