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Use Pb Points


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THanks for that... i have loads pb points on our server but i still dont know the command to change map... can ya just tell me what it is please.

as long as PB_RCon is set up right server side,and you have enough points to execute the command

/PB_RCon map mp_carentan

for example would suffice
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Or you could just get HLSW


afaik hlsw will not work with the pb point system , as its not executing rcon commands its executing PB commands think of it as a 'semi admin' feature.


also pb rcon system requires a guid and/or ip mask for it to work etc.

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okay i have found the problem i can only open the bar console.... on my keyboard the tilde key is shift + #!


So i went into my sonfig_mp and found the tild key binded to toggleconsole and changed it to a free key which hasnt been binded yet. it opens a console but not a full screen one!

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