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sorry must have been away to long


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iam trying to find the list that was avalible to keep my servers upto date maybe i just got demoted an cant access it or iam to old an cant remember how to find it please help if you can has been awhile since my last visit an my last update :(

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bummer i used to be able to get them an add them to the .cfg :( have ever done the whole streeming thing :unsure: they are not my servers i rent them an we have so many ip changes an such. You prolly arent allowed to but i have to ask is there another place i can go to update my .cfg cause it has been awhile. If not i understand an thanks for the respose an the welcome an keep up the great work you guys an gals do around here..is cowboy still around?

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Turkey[WEK]' date='Oct 9 2006, 02:28 PM' post='58390'] Okay thanks but not to sure on the whole streeming thing but i guess it the only option thanks again

What's are you not sure about ?

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the whole streeming an permissions i dont own my own server an the pbsv is write protected an i have a hard time finding the time to hassle with my browser freezing up an its been a pain to access it to get the pb web tool to work i get the whole you cant give me the updated variables just wanted to keep it as upto date as possible but thanks anways

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You stated that you dont own your server, you rent it..................so does 95 percent of the admins here. When you rent a server you have the right to stream to here if you so choose to.


Who is your server provider?





Going by your servers ip address, im assuming you rent from Escaped Turkey, and i can 100 percent guarantee you that you have permission to stream to here.


I am a moderator at Escaped Turkey, and i have set up about 70 or so of our customers servers there. If you want to, log into your acount there and send me a PM with your servers web panel info and i will get you set up to stream here in about 5 minutes, or send me a PM here with the info in it and i will get you going.


Besides your servers web panel info, i will also need to know what you wish to use as a username and password for the pbbans info that will be in your servers pbsv.cfg.


If you wish, you can go to Escaped Turkeys forum and ask anyone there about me. They will tell you that i would do nothing to harm your server in any way.


Let me know if you want my help.

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PBBans is the only Anti Cheat site that offers 2 methods of streaming - standard rep. streaming and the PBBans Hub - the PBBans Hub has taken over as the most popular method of streaming.

you can read what the Hub is all about here click me

you can setup streaming via the PBBans Hub in minutes - no username or password required.

this can be done by entering 5 rcon commands.


/rcon pb_sv_writecfg pbucon.use

/rcon pb_sv_restart

/rcon pb_sv_USessionLimit 3

/rcon pb_sv_uconadd 1 pbbhub pbbhub

/rcon pb_sv_writecfg

(if you're using HLSW or rconUnlimited, omit /rcon)

its that easy :)

once you have entered those commands - make a post here http://www.pbbans.com/forums/index.php?showforum=347 and your forum upgrade will shortly follow once streaming is validated.

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