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Need some help people


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Not sure if this is the place to post this but I just registered to your site.

A friend of mine was banned yesterday.


I talked to Ant and he says he has never been to ROX server and he has no idea why this ban log was created.

He told me that he did install a new video card (Radeon 9550) Sunday nite and then he installed the latest ***-** drivers (ver 6.11) from the ati site.( when he installed the driver he said it did say there was an "opengl" problem)( as well he forgot to uninstall the the old drivers from his old card before installing the new drivers)

After he installed the drivers he changed the resolution then he went into the game and changed his gore level, after he did that he came into our server ( and was kicked from our server for MD5tools so he reconnected and was kicked again for the same thing, upon reconnecting for the 3rd time he connected and played on our server for a couple of hours with no problem.

He is in our server right now Nov 28 7:11 pm est.

He has told me that he had just done what I have told you and that he does not mess around with cheats at all, he has been with our clan over a year and he has always come across to me as an honest person, he put in an appeal to the ban.

Excuse my ignorance here but could someone please tell me what exactly he was banned for??

What would generate this ban and why can he now get into our server if the ban is still outstanding??

We as T@ are just trying to figure out what has happened to a clan member and any help from anyone here would be greatly appreciated.



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if you look at the ban details all the information is there for you to see.


Game Soldier of Fortune II

Date Caught November 27, 2006 at 8:44 pm

GUID 75fd83e0fa1e758d156105f23bdc3d37

IP Address

Alias *AnT


Extra Info Violation (VIDEO DRIVER HACK) #90003

Caught By ROX (Hub)

Server IP

Ban Appealed On November 28, 2006


someone with an IP of and a pbguid of 75fd83e0fa1e758d156105f23bdc3d37 with the alias of *AnT connected to server on the 27th of November and was promptly kicked by EvenBalance for a video driver hack violation.

These are facts that I have confirmed are true via streamed logs and are indisputable .. so no matter what your player says either he or someone who has access to his pc was definitely on that server.


This particular violation and ban was generated by EvenBalance themselves and the only way it will be removed from our database is if the ban is successfully appealed via the PB Trouble Ticket system which can be found here click me


Some general info for ya.

Cheat/Hack Violations:

When PunkBuster detects a cheat or hack by repeated positive identification on a player's computer, a violation is raised. These violation numbers are 50000 and higher. Families of cheats are listed below. Resolution: Remove cheats and hacks from the computer.

#50000s - Aimbot

#60000s - Wallhack

#70000s - Multihack

#80000s - Gamehack

#90000s - 'Cheat' Video Drivers

#100000s - Speedhack

#110000s - Autofire

#120000s - Game Hook

#130000s - Attempted PunkBuster Hack


If a player generates any of the above violations on a PBBans protected server the ban will be added to our MBI (Master Ban Index) and any appeal will be subsequently denied as a matter of course, this is shown at a glance by the appeal date showing as red, the player is sent an automated mail stating that the appeal was denied.

Your server does not use the PBBans MBI so the player concerned will be able to play on your server with apparently no problem what so ever, but, if he connects to a PBBans protected server he will not be able to join because he is on our ban index.

Point of information, our MBI is available for any concerned admin to download and use here click me so the player may actually find he is on a lot more banlist's than just the streaming PBBans servers.



This player or someone with access to his pc has picked up a full blown PB violation that was not generated by PBBans but was generated by EvenBalance.

If the player concerned thinks this ban was made in error, the only way this ban will be lifted is via the PB trouble ticket system.


My personal view

Not a very good start to any appeal when a lie is told at the very beginning.

I talked to Ant and he says he has never been to ROX server and he has no idea why this ban log was created.

It makes me wonder if he deliberately connected to another server to "test" things out and just had the misfortune to choose a PBBans protected one.

I hope this clears things up for ya, feel free to post the result of his Trouble Ticket here if he has any success :)

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Thanks for the reply, he still says he was not on that server and I tend to believe him, he has no reason to lie and he is a good enough player that he does not have to cheat.

Besides giving me a violation number what exactly would cause this error..adding files to your game??...tweaking a video card, resolution,anti-aliasing or the such and if it is just drivers as 90000 says how would you know what is ok and what is not for driver use?

Could this be a problem with even balance themselves, I was reading about how they screwed up with an update not long ago that caused the server lists to disappear as well as other issues and then they released another one right after to fix it..(sounds like microsoft..lol), as well it gave me a download that messed up my PB folder in SOF2, it kept kicking me for "pbag" something or other, I had to over write my PB folder with that of my stepsons to make it go away. So I do realize even balance has issues too.

Guys I am just trying to figure out what is going on and I honestly believe what Ant is saying, at T@ we have 4 SOF2 (non streamed)servers running with 3 of them empty all the time, if Ant was just trying out a hack as you suggest he would be able to do it at any of our other servers without anyone knowing, so I cannot believe that scenerio.

When I check the punk buster screen shots of Ant and we have a long history of checking them diligently, I have found no problems with his at all...perfectly clean..

On another note when I do look at our punk buster screen shots I have seen other servers screen shots in our servers pb/svss folder.

Nothing against Punk Buster or Pbbans but this system is not perfect and I am wondering if there is more to this then just "A guy hacking"?

As T@ we spend hours on weeding out hackers of our games and as one of the most popular SOF2 INF servers we really appreciate what Punk Buster and Pbbans does to assist us on keeping all games hacker free.

If there is any more light you can shed on the subject I would appreciate it, but I honestly believe what Ant says.

On a side note I was reading ATI's info on the latest ***-** draiver and it does say is has known issues with Opengl games..could that be part of the problem maybe??

As I said thanks for the help on trying to resolve this.



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If he is 100% sure its a false violation go open a trouble ticket




and be patient


On another note when I do look at our punk buster screen shots I have seen other servers screen shots in our servers pb/svss folder.

Nothing against Punk Buster or Pbbans but this system is not perfect and I am wondering if there is more to this then just "A guy hacking"?

A player is on server A server A takes a ss from that player ,before the ss is captured by server A he quits and joines server B.Server B will then capture that ss..i see the logic in that do you?

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Ok Ant is sending in a trouble ticket to even balance and thanks for the help there.

Yes that would make sence about the pbss from another server.

How about this, we had a member sending a picture of himself and his sister to another member via msn messenger, both were on SOF2 in spec, the picture of the clan member and his sister ended up on a pbss of the sender, that is the weirdest thing I have seen.lol

Hey and once again guys thanks for the help.



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I talked to Ant and he says he has never been to ROX server and he has no idea why this ban log was created.

If thats is true , someone else has used his cdkey to cheat so I see no reason why we should remove it from mbi. If we removed it , he could hack again.

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the player himself lodged the appeal and the IP is an exact match for the player who got flagged on the ROX server with a cheat violation.

If he is so sure he never connected to the ROX server then I would suggest 2 scenarios.


1. He is lying for one reason or another.

2. Someone else has access to his pc and joined the ROX server.


Whatever scenario is correct is by the by, the ban for pbguid 75fd83e0fa1e758d156105f23bdc3d37 will remain on our database unless a successful trouble ticket appeal is made via the EvenBalance website.


Here is an extract from the ROX server logs that are streamed "live" :


[11.27.2006 20:43:27] ->PBSV: New Connection (slot #4) [?] "^-*A^,n^-T" (seq 6823306)

[11.27.2006 20:43:27] ->PBSV: Player GUID Computed 75fd83e0fa1e758d156105f23bdc3d37(-) (slot #4) ^-*A^,n^-T



[11.27.2006 20:44:03] ->PBSV: VIOLATION (VIDEO DRIVER HACK) #90003: ^-*A^,n^-T (slot #4) Violation (VIDEO DRIVER HACK) #90003 [75fd83e0fa1e758d156105f23bdc3d37(-)]

[11.27.2006 20:44:03] ->PBSV: Kick Command Issued (Violation (VIDEO DRIVER HACK) #90003) for (slot#4) 75fd83e0fa1e758d156105f23bdc3d37 ^-*A^,n^-T

[11.27.2006 20:44:03] ->PBSV: Lost Connection (slot #4) 75fd83e0fa1e758d156105f23bdc3d37(-) ^-*A^,n^-T

[11.27.2006 20:44:03] PB_SV_BanGUID 75fd83e0fa1e758d156105f23bdc3d37 "*AnT" "" "PBBansHub!VIDEO DRIVER HACK"

[11.27.2006 20:44:04] ->PBSV: PB UCON "pbbans"@ [PB_SV_BanGUID 75fd83e0fa1e758d156105f23bdc3d37 "*AnT" "" "PBBansHub!VIDEO DRIVER HACK"]

[11.27.2006 20:44:04] ->PBSV: Ban Added to Ban List


The server logs are untouched by human hand and prove beyond doubt that the player / or at least someone using his machine did join the ROX server, although he did not stay long :)

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