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EvenBalance's "Repository" Software


How many of you would be interested in beta testing it with PBBans.  

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  1. 1. How many of you would be interested in beta testing it with PBBans.

    • Yes, I would be willing to beta test with PBBans
    • No, I would rather be a packrat and keep my own shit!

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I am not sure how many of you know about this software, as it is in beta testing atm. I am testing it now with my server and I would like to get your inputs on it. What it does is it feeds your PB server log data to a "specified" server (i.e., PBBans).....while it is doing this....your normal server logs are not affected. PB still creates and utilizes them.


Mind you this is not the PBBans system that we were going to use...but this may be used in lieu of it depending upon bandwith utilization.


If you answered yes, pm me. If you have any questions/comments/etc....post away.

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So let me see if I understand what you want..??? I give my logs to you or I hve some link to where that sends what? and who has that information, and what say do i have what is sent to them???


Who gets the data from those 4 config lines in my server EB or the other site??



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It is a simple operation:


1. You add a few lines to your server.cfg file

2. When you server is started, you will see your logs as normal in the pb/svlogs folder

3. Your server will send your log entries to a log that is created for your server and is located on the PBBans server....(ugg you mentioned that other sites name).

4. The log that is sent to PBBans stops at midnight and a new one is created.....so theoretically daily logs of your server is kept in a "Repository" at PBBans.

5. This information is not being delivered to any other location to include EvenBalance or that "other" site.

6. We are working on it now....we are trying to get a unique username and password for each server admin to use. That way he can only view his own logs.


VOD has used the "Repository" system for a full day now....and it seems to be working well.

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I am already doing it with the other site.

dont know if they activated it yet, but I do know that if you guys want to give it a try I will change my settings and put PBBans up as repositblahblah server.

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I'm interested; 2x ET public servers.


Only concern though is if it eats much CPU or bandwidth (I'm assuming hardly any).


Also for testing cheats, is there a easy switch (like can set password easily) to disable the logging (or just filter out violations relating to "Admin_Testing").

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Here are the four lines that you need to put in your server config:



pb_sv_logport 24389

pb_sv_loguser someuser (create yourself a username)

pb_sv_logpw somepass (create yourself a password)


Once you add them....reboot your server :)


Here are the three items I need from you to complete the process:


1. Your game server ip addy

2. Your username

3. Your password


PM me those three items and it takes 2 secs to get it set up.

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well ive got a little question...

As we (my clan) runs multiple servers, how are we supposed to set them up? All of them are not 24/7/365, but there is at least one up like that... And, we are hosting two other clans servers for now. I am administrating those servers and have all access there is to have...


I see that it became more then one question for you.... :)


#1 Should I set all servers up for the repository?

#2 Can I submit bans from the servers that I admin, even though the server is not wearing our clantag?

#3 How should I set it up for more then one server?


Maybe as an answer to my own question number 3, I have a suggestion:

I make a different username for each one of those servers.

Is that fine by you?

As I wrote they are not always online.... We are still finetuning a "big" server atm and that is why they are currently not online all of them... We are counting on hosting between 8-12 servers on that computer when we are finished... some for other clans and a couple for our use only...

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#1 Should I set all servers up for the repository?

You can set up the servers as long as those that "rent/lease/own" them are registered.


#2 Can I submit bans from the servers that I admin, even though the server is not wearing our clantag?

As long as the clan leader or server admin from each server is registered and voices their approval for you submitting for them.


#3 How should I set it up for more then one server?

As long as they are registered......you can set up the username/password however you like. They key thing to remember. The username/password acts like a certificate. We have your username/password assigned to the ip addy of your server. So, the Repository will only allow communication from that ip as long as the username/password matches. My suggestion use a key identifier from the clan (clan tag, server name, etc) for the username.

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I take it PB will continue to also make logs like normal on the server?



Yes It will continue to make logs on your server. All it does sends a copy of your logs to repository system.

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So far, so good....the beta testing of the Repository seems to be working. The software itself is a bit buggy.....but it does capture the logs. Out of those 9 that said yes.......not everyone has updated their server.cfg files nor have contacted me with their server ip info.


I really want to try to push the Repository and PBBans server to a good limit to see what sorta stress it places on the bandwith.

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Still seeking some server admin to help out with beta testing this Repository. I really want to push the limits of it to see what affects it has on the the PBBans server bandwith. C'mon guys help me out here :)

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I'll get the clans we're friendly with to help out if possible. Some of them enjoy 24/7 activity on their ET servers, so it should be a good workout for ya!


Is ours still reporting as it should? Hopefully ET Pro 3 didn't bork anything. Let me know if I need to change a cfg or something.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Folks, I honestly don't see the big problem behind this. The repository is designed to assist you and not "release" your private secrets to the public. These logs get stored on the PBBans server for safe keeping. We need more folks to help out....c'mon jump on board and give us a hand.

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i should have my server back online by the weekend sometime.

ill sort mine out for the repository.


I take it it transmits the entire pb log and then u guys will filter it?


also if ya need any other help with it, dunno what, gimme a pm

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It actually sends a steady mirror transmission of your pb log entries. Your server pb logs will remain intact. Here is a scenario for you that may help:


You start your server at 8am on 8 Apr 04 (with the Repository settings) you will see a log created in your pb sv logs dir ex. 00000001.log. At the same time, the Repository is beginning to receive your streaming data. The log files on the Repository server are named differently. They are named based upon the date. So in the above example the first log for your server will have 8 Apr somewhere in the name of the Repository log. The log files automatically change after 24 hours. So, in effect, you will have daily logs. If you don't reboot your server for 5 days, you will have one log on your game server....and 5 logs on the repository server.


Did that help? Essentially, what I am trying to get at is you will still have your normal server logs in the location you are use too. At the same time, the Repository will have a streamed copy backed up for you.


As to answering the question of how the Repository logs will be integrated......that is a programmer question. CJ is back in a limited fashion and is aware of the Repository logs. I am not sure of the end result. We may come up with 2 options.....1 for those who use the Repository and the 2nd for those who choose not too. If I had my way, I would make it mandatory for the Repository as this ensures security in the logs and eliminates the possibilities of tampering with the logs (i.e., adding bans that are not real).

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The beauty off this system is the ability for us at this end to parse out stuff easily. Say for example you have cvar logging enabled, we can have certain cvars flagged (searching for keywords like "aim" "wallhack" and so on) and if anyone on your server has cheat cvars we'll have that info at our fingertips.


Manually browsing these logs for stuff like that is extremely tedious.

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I haven't looked into the repository yet, but this is how it will work:


If you are using the repository, you won't need to do anything.

Your logs will be parsed and violations added without you having to do anything. You won't need PAT or any other program.

Technically, the only thing that needs to be figured out is associating the log files with admin accounts here at pbbans. Parsing and logging the violations is easy. I'll create an archive system that will organize all the incoming logs.


If you do not use the repository, you will need to submit your logs to us.

PAT will take care of this for you automatically, or you can submit them manually.


There will also be a PHP version of PAT that will have a mini-MPI (for your server(s)) and a few other admin tools.


At this point, I don't think we should make the repository mandatory.

It is still in the testing stages and some admins may not want to use it for a variety of reasons.


I don't have an ETA for any of this. As Bob said, I have limited time for PBBans right now.


I want to thank all of you who PMed and e-mailed me with well wishes after the death of my father. I won't forget that.

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Sooooo, is our server still reporting as it should be? I've gotten a few new catches, but haven't submitted sv_cheat.log files figuring I'm okay to be lazy at this point. :D


IP is btw. Let me know if I need to send in any new ones though, be happy to oblige.

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