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A little help xD


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Well thiers a few pb shots i would like to find out wat they are a bit confusing


thts 1



and these crazy white dots xD


i had no luck kning wat these were mayby u guys would and the first pic i got 3 off thoes


exec my speling





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so i just put pb on my server and u guys will help me with tht sreem grab?

Any admin who wishes to keep his server(s) gaming environment as clean as possible should stream his server(s) to a reputable anti cheat site.

All information on setting up streaming can be found here

I would suggest the rcon method if your not sure about ftp etc .. all it would take to initiate streaming is 7 rcon commands and a post requesting streaming here

This in turn will give an admin access to the private areas of the PBBans forums etc, and will also give you complete access to the latest cheat cvars/md5 scan information we have at our disposal.

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The white dot is his cross-hairs.


Mine's red, as it shows on most maps perfectly, but I also run a config to change it on the fly, should the colors on the map not be compatible with it.


Your aim improves by using a small dot, and getting rid of the pulse. All done in game-properties. Nothing to ban there.

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That could be nothing more than a driver issue with the video card. It's not showing anything through walls, or giving him some sort of aim-advantage, from what I can see. It's just an odd-ity. I wasn't looking at the bigger, more blurry white dot, since I see things like that on my screen all the time, while playing. They're an annoyance, not a help.

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