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PB kicking me for....


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..... "Restriction:Service Communication Failure: PnKBstrA.exe" on CoD UO.


Thats the message i get when trying to join a PB server. Its only just started today for some reason. I have also noticed that on other PB servers it says the server has disconnected when it actually hasnt...


Any help will be great

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Wednesday 07.25.2007 [4:15PM]


Version 1.720 of the PB Client for CoD has been released to our PB Master Servers for auto-update and to our website download page.


Release Notes for PB Client v1.720:


* this version includes new PB services, see our PB Services FAQ for more info

Pinned: PB Service in Cod




Please read if your getting kicked ;p

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Thanks for the Link.


I checked the pb/htm folder as requested and i already have the latest pb update (completed today) <_<

I still have the message after being kicked from a server.

Any suggestions?


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95% of our clan is running fine.

We have a member that has issue with the new update. He is running McAfee and can not allow the exception to the new exe's we have run every possible update and check to no avail. We attempted to have him log into other servers just to make sure it is not our server set with the problem. he gets the boot there too.

He downloaded the manual update and ran it.

He has problems with both COD-UO and COD-2.

We have now decided to have him change out his Anti-V/Anti-M wares.

I want to know if this is only happening to folks with Symantec and McAfee.

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