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Is it a hack to use 3rd party in SOF2 when the server is designed only as 1st person? I have evidence of this and him also some conversations by the potential cheater



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Dead player waiting to spawn speccing a live player, clean.

mmm depends on how the server is setup, if its not set to view in 3rd per at all even in spec he is probably running a 3rd per hack.


For the 2nd shot with the red m4, I assume your running a pure server, but that skin doesnt look like an actual wallhack skin. Just a modified colour. Personally I don't ban unless a skin is giving a player an advantage i.e. Bright player skins or wallhack skins etc.


Even though a server is set to pure it is possible to get around that and use your own skins, remember not everyone intentionally tries to get around that. I was playing one day in our server which is a pure server when I switched to mp5 for a muck around to see my old gold mp5 skin appear.

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That 1 pbss is of player playing in 3rd view on a NON 3rd enabled server....cheat


The 2nd ss I believe is showing what they are discussing in console....which offending player ADMITS is a hack/cheat :blink:

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Like AcE said

Both screenshots are clean.

First 1 is Speccing someone while respawning (If you press enter you can see 1st & 3rd person vieuw)


First ScreenShot:

The first screenshot is clean Obviously.

it's not 3rd person hack. Most 3rd person hacks have a Crosshair.

How Do You Reconize?

How did i reconize.. well first of what AcE said he's speccing or waiting to respawn.

The possition of the Shotgun on the screenshot says enough. 3rd players aim higher.



If play in a 1st person server you always can spec someone durring the game in 3rd person vieuw.

That's how screenshots are looking like 3rdperson vieuw.

A First person player Aims more to the spot where the ''3rd hacker'' is aiming.

A Third person player Aims Higher & Aims more with like 3Cm of the top of the gun in the same line of the gun.

Easy to detect 3rdplayes. but alot of 3rd players are also using Walhacks with WALLS REMOVED (Nop didn't see it much. but only on the floor there are like little walls you just can see trough the whole map.

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