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Server Move Complete


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We have started to import the log data from the time the mpi4 was created. We are re-parsing the logs now and are importing by game. AA is first on the list and we plan to leave the largest games such as ET until last.


During this time the mpi may take a little longer to return results as the parser is issuing thousands of queries.


Once this is done we will import the MPI3.

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Good job PBbans, just a noobish question and im almost certain its already answered but do i need to change anything on my server or is it going automaticly???

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no, MPi has no impact on streaming servers; Master Player Index is the entirety of all streamed logs in one searchable database.


All that changed for streaming servers is the uconprofile for hub, see HERE

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Most of the games from the MPI4 have been imported. The MPI4 games left to import are:





We will not start importing the MPI3 until the MPI4 import process is complete.


There is no ETA when this will be complete at this time.

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Cheers though, when you click enforce bans, I am assuming that just uses the hub to check or does that use the MPI and therefore ET servers aren't really checking at the mo?

Checking the "enforce bans" flag checks every connecting player against the MBI, and yes it works :P
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Very smoothly executed. GJ all PBBans staff.


One question though, should the old PB UCON Settings IP be removed from the pbsv.cfg now?


Yes you can remove the old one.


And replace with :?

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Not having any streaming probs what so ever, check all my *streaming IP's :)


Just find it strange how sinse the server/hub change, that most of my servers are almost full every night (ET-Pro included) *unlike jolt :P* yet still NO bans via HUB sinse HUB change.


Maybe there just scared of *testing* things on:


who knows ;)


Ive been told by a very reliable source that all is up to date ;)



People ask me why I play with computers at home when I use them at work. They don't understand - I play with computers at work, too!

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