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Hi Guys and Girls

I am trying to find find any Info on the "Time Nudge = 0" command and what it does if players have it set to -0 to -20?

The rumor going round at the moment is it helps reduce the ping to the server?



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If the server has antilag enabled, you shouldn't need to change this much. I run -3.7 timenudge on ETPub 0.7.2 servers, -1 on ETPub 0.8.1 servers, and 0 on ETPro.


150 ping + no antilag = -30 timenudge.


Those are the best for me, but fiddling with it until you get the best feel/performance for you is the best way to go.

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I use a setting of -20 & find it seems to help with long jumps (which is the intended effect). I don't know, it may just be a placebo. It's certainly a legacy CVAR. I'd tend to think alot of it has been rendered irrelevant by the antilag capabilities of newer mods.

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