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I have a problem on the 2 cod4 servers that i admin.

Both servers are running from 2 different instalations, thus 2 different PB folders etc.

I have also tried using 2 different configs , but the problem is still the same.

Now for the problem :D

You start the server , and all is fine ,, pb starts up , then you chack what value pb_sv_guidrelax ,, and it returns the value of 0 , which is as it is set in the config.

However after a few mins when i recheck the value to my supprise it comes back as pb_sv_guidrelax 7

anyone got any ideas what is making the servers change from pb_sv_guidrelax 0 TO pb_sv_guidrelax 7


And is anyone else getting this problem,, pls check your servers.

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Yes i have had same problem and happy to see this thread, its not something i have done wrong wahoo...lol




erm i see people are using a work arround using pb_sv_task or sumat, could someone explain in noobs terms exactly what i have to do, ie what syntax do i need to add to what file?


Thanks in advance guys. :huh:

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There is a bug in COD4 that resets your guidrelax setting to 7 on every map cycle regardless of what you have set in your pbsv.cfg.

This means that keygen users or any random llama can join your server with no problem.

The default setting is 0 so you need to add a task command line to your servers pbsv.cfg to keep the guidrelax setting to 0;


pb_sv_task 60 300 pb_sv_guidrelax 0

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