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PunkBuster keeps on kicking me!!!


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Whenever I start a game, within the next minute, PunkBuster kicks me with this error:

Restriction: Service Communication Failure: PnkBstrB.exe


I don't know what to do! I uninstalled pb and reinstalled like five times and updated it. I've read some other posts, and they said to go to run, and type in services.msc. I did that and when I look for PnkBstrA.exe and PnkBstrB.exe, I only find PnkBstrA.exe. Also, my firewall is not blocking PunkBuster.


This really makes me mad because I really want to play. Do you think I need to reinstall the game? I hope not because I don't want to lose my profiles...


Well, thanks in advance.

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You have to be in-game to see PnkBstrB.exe.


If you leave the services window opened, and minimize the game(Windows Start key works), then refresh the services, B will show, providing you're attempting to connect to a pb-enabled server.

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I know you say Windows Firewall is not blocking Punkbuster but you might doublecheck. You have to insure that both "A" and "B" are authorized in the "programs allowed" listing. You can find both in Windows/System32 folder. Make sure both are checked.

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One of our members had simular problem with lost connection with PnkBstrB.exe and handshake, getting kicked all the time.

What i did was uninstalled PB with pbsvc.exe, I deleted the folder PB in the game folder deleted PnkBstrA.exe in the system32 folder,rebooted(u need to do that)

Reinstalled PB again and finally run pbsetup.exe.

Worked for him, he doesnt get kicked for lost communication nor the handshake error anymore

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Okay, thanks for the feedback. I'll try the methods.


Still doesn't work... :( I don't know what to do...

download pbsetup.exe from evenbalance.

save to a seperate folder on your destop.

run it in that folder.

select update when its finished running.

manualy copy the htm files into the pb htm folder in your cod.4 folder.


failing that try this link http://files.filefront.com/pbsvcexe/;8525846;/fileinfo.html it will reinstall pb services and test them to make sure they work properly.

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manualy copy the htm files into the pb htm folder in your cod.4 folder.

Shouldn't have to copy the file into the folder. With pbsetup.exe you can add a game from the drop down. It should already have your installation path but verify. I keep my pbsetup.exe in it's own directory, away from any game directory. Multiple games can be added and all updated in one clean sweep.


That has been my experience with pbsetup.exe. Makes manually updating easy.

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