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Server CoD4 Banned


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Hi I'm Desseloch,

timetofrag.com owner I've a big problem with your database.


Two days ago I've found my main IP ( ) banned by PB. I've found a cracked server, modified by customer. I've opened a TT on www.evenbalance.com but I've not answer.


Now the server is down, but original.


If I search the server on your DB doesn't exist: Server was not found


My question is: Why did you ban the Main IP and not only IP:port ? If you ban the main IP all my 40 cod4 servers ( Orginal ) are banned, I think it's an incorrect form.


I hope that is a big Iusse to be solved.


I'll wait your answer.




TimeToFrag - Owner

web: www.timetofrag.com

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Wow Im sure this is not correct 40 on the same Ip never knew there was so many ports out there.


Any way if I am reading this right you had a problem on one of you servers that caused a blanket effect by banning the Ip alone and not the naught port that was involve?


I think the idea is to ban the Ip as once some one is found out they can simply use another port till caught again. hence the ip ban.


On a personal note I would never use the same IP on our server more than twice and even that would be a last resort.

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I've found the problem!


This file pbns_c.dat created by Evenbalance modify my PB settings on my PC, and it forces that the IP is banned than the client cannot play there forever.


The problem doesn't exist because this server is Orginal and this file must be check which server is original o not !!!


I've removed it and the server works fine! "Original Server"


Is not correct by Evenbalance to create a dat file on my PC to BAN an IP, becuse on this file I can write "Don't play there because ... bla bla"; any way to prevent cracked server it's better that this file write IP+Port and not only the Main IP.


This is a big problem to solve early!




yes, different port ^^



I'm sorry but isn't the correct way to ban the GSP main IP !

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