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[ X-RaY Anti Cheat ] Somebody knows here?


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errrr, bit confused here;


Your search results for [BR Admins]

Search returned 57 bans(s)



How long have you been streaming ?

Oh yeah, 2 months


So how do you come to the conclusion that PB is not catching cheaters on your servers ?


There have been many who claim that they can do a better job than PB, but the plain and simple truth is that none have come even close to living up to that claim.

Despite the hysteria and knee jerk reactions I see on places like crossfire PB is the best anti cheat sofftware available to server admins

I have seen loads of players complaining about the new PB services and how intrusive they are, and now the same players are willing to download and install, software that "forces screenshot uploads and scans your computer for cheat processes." :blink:

Be careful, they might scan your pron collection :P

If its any good it will put PB out of business pretty soon eh, my advice, do not hold your breath.

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Ever read any other forum sections m8 ?


Just as a point of information Bro :)

There will always be undetected cheats out there, the thing to remember is that by general rule of thumb, they do not stay undetected for long.

Anti cheat is all about reaction.

If there were no cheats there would be no need for any reaction, so all we can do is try to keep on top of things as much as is humanly possible.

PBBans employs a high tech streaming initiative that helps immensely on detecting the "undetectable" but the cat and mouse game of cheaters v anti cheat shows no sign of slowing down and I would expect things to carry on in the same vein for as long as there is online multiplayer gaming servers.


Your servers have caught 57 cheaters in 2 months and 56 of those bust's were direct bannable violations raised by PB software.

That is what speaks louder than any words.

I am not here to argue the pro's and con's of some other anti cheat system, I am just trying to fathom out were you get the idea that PB is not catching anyone on your servers when its quite obvious that PB is doing a rather good job on your behalf.

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The software being referred to in the above link is client-side only. You'd have to basically hope the other player(s) are using it, as opposed to server-sided software like PB forcing players to turn it on in order to just join a PB-enabled server.


I'll stick with PB, personally.

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Is X-Ray compatible WITH PB?



If you can run both at the same time, why not do it?

cause it's useless?


No server-sided authenticity check - we refuse any evidence without streamed SERVER-log entry for reasons - client-sided "hack me please!" auth checks are not reliable/trustworthy. In short: a "make well-meaning and cheat friendly (CB+GuesstheViolation-Stream ftw) admins happy"-Tool. Nothing new really, "Cheat-Eye is a program that takes screen shoots during the game, so that you can prove to your opponent that you didn

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