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HELP my clan is being stalked by a Hacker


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On the 2142 my clan [E)S(D] are being stalked by a hacker which you can view form here:





As you can see from the Alias the perpetrator is M.F.A http://www.2142-stats.com/M.F.A+stats.html

we have tried to ban him from our server but he uses a keygen so is always changing his GUID as well as using a hack that makes 2142cc and in game console commands useless. We have contacted E.A. countless time but they fail to do anything


This is just to show that [E)S(D] do not cheat but are unlucky enought to have a stalker for all the wrong reasons.

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okay here are my files where would i put it


;Auto Generated by PunkBuster Server

; Some of the following settings may not apply,

; consult manuals at evenbalance.com for full documentation

pb_sv_MsgPrefix "PunkBuster Server" //[PB Message Prefix (default=^3PunkBuster Client)]

pb_sv_MaxDlRate 4 //[KB/sec requested per file (default=4)]

pb_sv_MaxConDls 1 //[Concurrent downloads (default=1)]

pb_sv_KickLen 2 //[Minutes (default=2)]

pb_sv_CvarFreq 6 //[# of range checks per minute]

pb_sv_CvarLogging 1 //[1=Reg. Log, 2=Var Log, 3=Both, 0=Neither]

pb_sv_CvarWalk 1 //[0=disabled, 1-4=Walk through obtained Cvar lists]

pb_sv_CvarUserPulse 99 //[Frequency to auto-send CvarUser (minutes)]

pb_sv_CvarChangedPulse 99 //[Frequency to auto-send CvarChanged (minutes)]

pb_sv_CQC 1 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=1)]

pb_sv_LogSync 0 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=0)]

pb_sv_SsFloor 1 //[Low screenshot filename serial #]

pb_sv_SsCeiling 100 //[High screenshot filename serial #]

pb_sv_SsCmd "" //[Filename of system command to run after screenshots]

pb_sv_SsWidth 320 //[Requested pixel width of remote screenshots]

pb_sv_SsHeight 240 //[Requested pixel height of remote screenshots]

pb_sv_SsXpct 50 //[Percentage across screen for remote screenshots]

pb_sv_SsYpct 50 //[Percentage down screen for remote screenshots]

pb_sv_SsSrate 1 //[sample Rate for remote screenshots]

pb_sv_SsDelay 0 //[Maximum delay client waits before capturing screenshot]

pb_sv_SsPath "" //[Path where remote screenshots are saved]

pb_sv_AutoSsFrom 60 //[Min # of seconds to wait before requesting next ss]

pb_sv_AutoSsTo 1200 //[Max # of seconds to wait before requesting next ss]

pb_sv_AutoSs 0 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=0)]

pb_sv_ssLogging 0 //[1=Reg. Log, 2=SS Log, 3=Both, 0=Neither]

pb_sv_ssTimeout 0 //[seconds]

pb_sv_Sleep 60 //[# of Milliseconds (default=60)]

pb_sv_PowerMin 10 //[Power Points]

pb_sv_PowerDef 1 //[Power Points]

pb_sv_PowerKickLen 5 //[Minutes (default=5)]

pb_sv_HttpPort 0 //[Port #]

pb_sv_HttpAddr "" //[External IP Address]

pb_sv_HttpRefresh 30 //[seconds]

pb_sv_HttpKey "" //[Key]

pb_sv_HttpMaps "" //[Map list (separate by spaces)]

pb_sv_ScoreKick 0 //[Min score (negative)]

pb_sv_ChangePeriod 999 //[seconds]

pb_sv_ChangeMax 1 //[Max name changes allowed]

pb_sv_DupNameGrace 0 //[seconds]

pb_sv_AutoUpdBan 0 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=0)]

pb_sv_ExtChar 1 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=0)]

pb_sv_GuidRelax 2 //[1=UNKN, 2=WRONGIP, 4=DUP (add desired values)]

pb_sv_RconReload 0 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=0)]

pb_sv_HttpMapsPath "" //[Path where maps are loaded from in WebTool]

pb_sv_HttpColText1 "FFFFFF" //[Text Color #1 in WebTool (default=FFFFFF)]

pb_sv_HttpColText2 "0000FF" //[Text Color #2 in WebTool (default=0000FF)]

pb_sv_HttpColBack1 "000000" //

pb_sv_HttpColBack2 "808080" //

pb_sv_HttpColLine1 "FF0000" //[Line Color #1 in WebTool (default=FF0000)]

pb_sv_HttpColLine2 "0000FF" //[Line Color #2 in WebTool (default=0000FF)]

pb_sv_HttpColMsg "FF0000" //[Message Color in WebTool (default=FF0000)]

pb_sv_HttpShowGuid 0 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=0)]

pb_sv_Restrictions 1 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=1)]

pb_sv_FileWhitelist "" //[Folder Filename Filename ... Filename]

pb_sv_EmptyName 0 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=0)]

pb_sv_LogFloor 1 //[Low log filename serial #]

pb_sv_MinName 0 //[Min Characters in Player name (default=0)]

pb_sv_MaxName 0 //[Max Characters in Player name (default=0)]

pb_sv_LanMask "" //[iP Address Mask for LAN Players (default=)]

pb_sv_Lan 0 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=0)]

pb_sv_UpdateGrace 2400 //[seconds to wait before Update Failure kick]

pb_sv_NoGuidGrace 1 //[seconds to wait before No GUID kick]

pb_sv_AliasFn "" //[Filename (default="pbalias.dat")]

pb_sv_AliasAutoLoad 0 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=0)]

pb_sv_AliasMax 0 //[Max # of Aliases to track for each PB GUID]

pb_sv_AliasMaxEnforce 0 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=0)]

pb_sv_load pbsvlog.cfg //load remote logging settings (if pbsvlog.cfg exists)


;Badname List - pb_sv_badname [grace_period_secs] [disallowed text]


;Cvar Range List - pb_sv_cvar [cvar_name] [type] [value(s)]



;PB UCON Settings / Lists

pb_sv_usessionlimit 0

pb_sv_ucontimeout 300



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So how can i enter this

Send it through rcon and he'll be automatically added to your ban list.


Entering the command into your pb config is not required as the command only needs to be sent once, not every time PunkBuster is restarted.

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Okay that works a dream but it is stopping one of our member joining the server also as he also has an ip starting with 88.108, is there a way i can allow him but still ban the M.F.A guy ??

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you can unban the hacker or leave them both banned..... If you lower the ban range the hacker will just get a diff ip close enough to come back... if the guy is dumb enough to use the same name you can ban the name also..wish there was more help for ya,,maybe go to his house and beat him w\ his own keyboard :P

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Okay that works a dream but it is stopping one of our member joining the server also as he also has an ip starting with 88.108, is there a way i can allow him but still ban the M.F.A guy ??


Then you have to narrow down the ban mask to the actuall IP, then he will most likely change that IP anyways, but you can try.

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What is the IP address of your clan member, and is your clan members IP address static or dynamic?


I don't want to put my clanmembers ip on show but it is static as it doesnt change but i do know M.F.A ip changes like the weather bit the first two set always stay the same i.e. 88.108

Edited by Rogu3granny
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You missed his point.....look up your clan members ip ,,say its and it never changes as you said ,,ban around it .....ban up to it then skip his then start the ban range again at .

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What code would it be for me to ban a certain range of ips upto another ip.


say the members ip is


to make this clear i ban every ip from upto (leaves clan members ip unbanned) then ban from to 88.108.999.999. correct?


im one of rogu3granny's co-leaders and lets just say im more happy doing this kind of stuff.

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Two ways:


1) Manually open pbbans.dat and delete the line referencing '88.108.'


2) Using rcon, do 'pb_sv_banlist'. Locate the ban, and it will have a number (example, 1476). Use pb_sv_unban '1476'.

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kk so ive removed the previous ban now to ban all 88.108. ip's but without banning the members ip which is so i would enter pb_sv_banmask 88.108.2 correct? then keep entering that up until 88.108.9


That would mean if the ip goes 88.108.1xx.xxx they would be allowed on. If the ip went anywhere between and 88.108.999.999 then they would be kicked. correct?

Edited by Benway
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figured it out myself and yes our member is now on with every other 88.108 ip banned thanks for the support. :D

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I am posting here to confirm that Rogu3granny is correct, and that hackers are indeed abusing his server.


I can be sure of this because one of them used his server yesterday to name-spoof me and get that soldier on the PB bans list (so I discovered today).


I have received a private message from your founder RodeoBob confirming that my REAL guid is in fact clean, and since I am still able to play I have nothing to worry about, however, it happens that Rogu3granny hates my guts (we have argued about political things in fora that have nothing to do with the game) and I am banned from playing on his server. This means that whoever name-spoofed me was unaware of just how stupid it was trying to spoof someone on a server from which I was banned in any case, and could not possibly join and play, let alone use gamehacks!


As I have mentioned, Rogu3granny and I are about as far from friends as can be, although in this instance I am inclined to lend my support to his cause, because cheats and hackers are the bane of BOTH our lives, and so I hope we can find at least that much common ground.


Best wishes all,



Edited by Forces(UK)
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... and with all outstanding issues resolved, I would say time for closure.

If anyone wants to instigate a kiss and make up session, please use the forum pm feature or clan forums :rolleyes:

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