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well ive read people saying wait until 1.6 comes out that will fix the server browser issue it doesnt ....for me anyways i dotn know what the freaking problem is it only queries about 2 - 4 thousand servers but only about 40 or 50 at max!!! show up what is the problem and how to fix it cuz my friend has all the same stuff installed including patches and he shows all 10 thousand + servers please help thank you

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I get info for about 12k servers, but only 10-20 show bleh!, It's something IW needs to work harder on a fix it once and for all. Better off using HLSW with the pbbans streaming server list.

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man I have to say it sucks to be you guys... I havent checked out the master list in quite a while but last time it maxed out at 20,000 servers...



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wow thnx for the reply absolutely no help at all good for you


All he did was confirm that the bug does not apply to everyone... There must be something occuring on your system to cause the bug to appear.

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