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Profile Backup


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If using Windows XP see sample path below ('Show Hidden Files and folders' must be enabled to see the Application Data folder):


C:\Documents and Settings\your_username\Local Settings\Application Data\Activision\CoDWaW\players\profiles

Replace 'your_username' with the username used to log into your computer.

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I didnt have a problem placing my beta profile on another computer. When I installed the game it loaded up my profiles (my usernames only, not my stats which were at 0). I just placed the info from on computer to the next with 0 problems.


again its just like cod4. You can make a profile backup (copy and paste somewhere) as long as you put it in the same spot.



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Should be the same as Vista.


Simply head into your game's install folder, and save the players folder to a floppy, thumb-drive, your cell-phone, or what-ever medium of back-up you so desire. Then replace it once you've formatted.

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again I would do it manually, you don't know whats in those programs (could be a key stealer)




+1 I agree


If you want to back up just copy & paste it to another location easy as!. its worked fine for me on a reinstall & if your doing an OS install put it on a external sorce then just put back in (C /username/ app data / local / Activison / CODWAW / players / profile (replace)[vista] {need to show hiden files & folders....-> in your folder options}

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