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News on 1.50


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This was posted today by DICE community manager with regards to the patch...

A few months ago we announced Battlefield 2 Update 1.50 was in development, but so far we have been quiet regarding the content of the update. It is time for us to reveal some of the features the update will contain! The priority for us in this update has been to secure Battlefield 2 against a number of attacks against the game.


We have spent time looking into the attacks and implemented short term solutions with the help of GameSpy to limit the impact of stats padding and leaderboard abuse. Other issues have been found to be game and server based, which is where Update 1.50 comes in. what Battlefield 2 1.50 will contain a number of security updates, including the following:


Server crashing

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Nice to see them actually trying to fix the game. But I do not have my hopes up that they will accomplish anything. EA and Dice's track record with patches for Battlefield is they fix a bunch of game glitches and holes but they only open up new ones for the cheat coders to exploit.

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i presume by the time the patch is ready BF3 will be released.

Hopefully BF3 will have learned something from BF2. I quit running BF2 servers long ago, just wasn't worth the headache.

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Everyone keeps goin about a BF3. I personally don't think it will happen any time soon.

Yes the people at EA/DICE did say they weren't forgetting us PC user's but they never did confirm or acknowledge the existence of a third game. TBH i don't even know where/when they would set a third game.

They've done WW2, They've done modern combat (BF2), They did the future and that turned out to be a flop....


The only thing we BF players have to look forward to atm is this patch, hopefully it will revitalize BF2 gaming a bit.

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Well i know that EA bought some webdomeins wich contain BF3 and battlefield3



They buy a lot of domains, but there is not a single advertisement for it. If it was going to happen it would have already been advertised.

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I want proof that there's actually going to be a BF3 before i believe it.

So far nothing has happened or been confirmed.


TBF: Battlefield was traditionally a PC franchise and a lot of BF Fans really feel left out. Well we be seeing a PC version of Bad Company?


GVD: There

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I'm with Piggy on this one, I cannot see BF3 coming out any time soon. Mind you if it's like BF:BC (no jets, no commanders) then I won't bother anyway :)




the first sign of a stupid bug and im not bothering either... i mean they STILL haven't fixed one of the guns in the air transport for 2142... thats a vehicle that one of the guns in doesnt work for... still.


It's good that they are trying to secure these games though and I hope they do a good job.

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