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Server Banned ? Please Help


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Hi Guys


Firstly Happy New Year to one and all ... ;)


For some reason my server dissapeared from my server list here at PBBANS ??


So I have just tried to add it and it says that server is banned from PBBANS ????


Please advise ?


Thx in advance.


|ES|Phoenix aka Mike

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Please read http://www.pbbans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=74436 on same subject. Your server IP has been found on the MPI aswell.


Not quite sure what this means. This is a static IP and the server box is being hosted by my computer shop. This is the only install of the server files, there are NO OTHER GAMES being played on any other machine there. The server box hosts various games and is used as a dedi box??


Please advise as I have streamed here for quite a while and feel naked without your protection ??


PS: Only had the static IP there for about 2 weeks ?

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Its being hosted in a shop not in my house ??


The game itself is not being played on the same machine nor on any other machine at my shop. The server is running as a dedicated server surely it does not matter where??


Surely there has to be a way round this, I have been streaming here for a while now and also to Punksbusted. I really want to keep my servers as clean as possible so I put this in your hands and hope that there is a way round this.


This is the first lull my clan has had and have put the server at my shop to save money while we re-recruit, please don`t leave my server unprotected ... :(

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Here is why your server has been removed from the Hub:




Main reason people have been getting away with it was because our admin panel never checked the MPi when adding a server. Now new and current servers are checked on a regular basis.


Bottom line, there is no reason a server should be "playing the games" it hosts. That's indicated when it shows on the MPi.

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Fozzer i`m 40 years old mate, Mini-P is my 14yr old son, he must have took his PC to the shop during xmas holls. If you search that GUID you will see it is mainly linked with the IP from this post which is my home IP.


Again I ask there must be a way round this, my server IP is a static and a search should show that my alias/GUID has NEVER been used there.


Please let me know what can be done, it is a dedicated server running on a static IP ???? :unsure:

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You have a few choices.


One, find a GSP or DC that will co-locate(host) your box, or two, rent a server from a know GSP. They're not that terribly expensive these days. Either one would see you streaming in no time.

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I did not think I would have a problem. Been streming here for about 12 months without an issue, relocated the server to my business and streamed there without a problem. The problem is I let my son take his PC to the shop and hook into the net to play COD4 / COD5 now he is on the MPI with my gameserver IP .. :(


I`m still not 100% sure why this is an issue but you guys obviously have your reasons, my concern is that I now have a gameserver running 24/7 without the streaming protection I have come to rely on ... :(


The server was relocated to recruit to bring my numbers up, renting one is not an option right now .. :unsure:

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As long as you do not stream that is pretty obvious, it is for SGA's, Streaming Game Admins.

When you get a server streaming again you will have SGA status back ;)


Your access to the server goes under:

1. Terms & Definitions


1.1 Game Server - A game server shall be defined as a network server running a program that acts as a hub for clients to connect to for the purpose of interaction. For the purposes of clarification, PBBans will only allow streaming from dedicated servers and not from LAN or personal computers.


And will be considered a home server > personal computer.

You need to get your server at a official game hosts or at a datacenter, simple as that m8.

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