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Windows 8 Preview


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Eh, I'm annoyed with Microsoft. They've gone overboard with the Metro design. DOn't get me wrong, I love it. I really do like it. But it's not appropriate for a desktop OS. I was apart of private beta programs for Vista and Windows 7 and you could tell they were headed in the right direction with Windows 7. Windows 8 doesn't look as good at the moment.

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It looks more like a tablet OS than a desktop OS. The metro style will scare a lot of people away including myself. I just don't want that. All I want is speed, security, stability, compatibility and user-friendlyness. Windows 7 has everything that I want and need.


Get rid of the metro and I'll one day switch to Windows 8. Until then, I'm quite happy with what I have.

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If apps are what makes Windows 8 great, not having apps is what makes Windows 7 grand.


They're putting too much emphasis on a radical change without giving anyone a chance to adapt just like they did with Office 2007. And there's too much touch-touch in that preview. They're forgetting that most people have mice. I'd rather put my hand in a comfortable, non-elevated position (on a mouse) than reach up and put smudges across my screen.


I don't see how that guy can be so enthusiastic about Windows 8. There's nothing revolutionary about it or the metro tiles. It's just a tablet feature being forced into a desktop OS. And now no more Start button? What the hell are they thinking

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