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Activision Takes Down AlterIWNet


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Hello dearest Community,


As you've definitely heard, alterIWNet received a Cease and Desist notification from Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP on behalf of Activision Publishing Inc, demanding that we stop our operations due to infringing US and International laws.


At this time, only initial negotiations have been made, but it is certain that alterIWNet will cease all operations by the end of next week, indefinitely. During that time, you can still play the supported games, as usual.


Please refrain from taking any actions on our behalf, such as harassing letters, posts, "denial of service" attacks, telling your grandmother or anything else that you may deem wise. There is nothing more we can do here, unless Activision recognise us as a legitimate modding community.


Additionally, do not trust rumors. Everything official will be posted in this announcement. Anything you've heard that contradicts this announcement or is not mentioned here is likely false.


Thank you all for your continued dedication and contributions to alterIWNet and to PC gaming as a whole.




alterIWNet Administrator

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Pity Activision can not get the big stick out to take down cheats for sale sites in the same manner.




Couldnt have said it any better. ATVI goes after this yet cheat sites with paid for hacks still goes untouched and free roam on the battle fields.



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COD4 > All


it would be nice if they could go after cheat sites in a similar manner that sell hacks for Activision games.


as for alteriwnet i can understand why they would try setting up an alternative. isn't mw2 where it all started to fall apart


its not all hackers playing there, they just want to have dedis for a game that would have been great IF they had dedicated servers


the switch to non dedi+valve was pretty much as desastrous as it gets imo

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All it takes is a mod community to fix a game that should have "set the world on fire" supposedly by the said publisher. Three years later Activision zipped alterIW.net operations isn't that a shame. :(

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