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Hurricane Sandy


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Well, for the next few days, if you do not see me online, it is because the Hurricane knocked out the power. The storm is supposed to hit where I live by Monday night into Tuesday morning.


Here is the weather report for my area:



Here is the cone of where the storm could hit:




And here is an infrared map of the entire U.S. that also shows the storm in the lower left:



I am right in the path of the storm. So, there will be lots of trees down and floods everywhere.


I will also take pictures to show everyone what is going on and submit them here when I can.


We are already experiencing rain from the outer bands of the storm.


This is going to be a long weekend and week to come. I just wanted to give you all a heads up in case you don't see me for a good week or so. :)

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I'm working right now in southern New Jersey because of this. The way people are acting you would think the world was about to end.


I seen that myself. The stores are being cleared out of water and bread and stuff. It is chaotic.


And thank you all for the thoughts. :)

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I'm going to get hit bad myself as well. I'm near Philly and we're anticipating 40-50mph winds and 75+ mph gusts by tomorrow. Power will be out for sure by tomorrow and a lot of downed trees. For me, I don't need to worry about flooding. Time to place bets to see what tree falls down first in my backyard!



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just so your all aware


as of 6:pm EST i will be off line due to the storm coming through my area.


as some fo you know im a Vol Firefighter and as of that time im being called to duty until this storm is over. the next few days will be interesting and if the storm tracks like they say i might be off even longer because ill be without power.


if there is anyone else in the northeast us i can only say i wish you well and stay safe

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lockwood ny we are a very rual area expected to get alot of wind which will nock trees and wires down so we are manning our station for the expected flue of calls.


the last storm that hit was from the other hurican that hit down south we got wind and rain and we where without power for 4 days. this one they cant predict so we are prepairing for the worst

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The storm is producing winds in excess of 40MPH here and power outages are becoming more imminent. So, if the power does go out, it may be out for a long time. Hurricanes also spawn tornadoes, so be careful. Stay safe everyone!



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Yeah, I been through Chester and West Chester many times. They are both about an hour drive away from me. :)


WC has too many good restaurants in town and I'll be surprised if WCU and DCCC students do have days off throughout this week due to damage and lack of power. I been in Chester several times, but only for Andrew L. Hicks Jr Foundation purposes. I passed all of the towns near god knows how many times because of camping in the Poconos and going north to get on Rt 80 West to get to Lock Haven last year.


Damage in NY...


Crane snapped on the construction of one57.




Expected costliest storm surge for top 25 zip codes in nyc area --> http://finance.yahoo.com/news/corelogic-analysis-shows-top-25-175600086.html

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Imho, Sandy Cheeks trolled me big time. I wasn't expecting more damage in my area but no. This is just a typical severe summer thunder storm when I was camp staff! :banghead: NYC is flooded in many parts, patients had to be evacuated from NYU Hospital cause their generators went out, thousands of blackouts, fires throughout the city, and building damage.

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well i was back home late last night actually got home 3 minutes before midnight. we got rain and some wind other than that it stayed south of us.


better safe then sorry i guess



i do know that the death toll has come up to 24 as of this morning here on the east coast. i feel sorry for the people in pa and jersey as that's where the storm hit the most


youngest death out of this was an 8yrs old that was killed when he got struck by a tree limb in pa

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