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Can i be banned why using 125fps?


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My clan leader say the he want to ban me. I use 125fps in CoD UO and he say thats cheating Is this true or false? He say he bann me on the Master Ban Index (MBI) can he do this or is this all fake.


Mein Clan Leader sagt das 125fps cheaten wären. Er will mich in die Master Ban Index (MBI) bannen, geht das? (thats german translation for others)

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cant ban you cuz you have a superrior video card thats giving you better fps then him lol.


you wont be added to the MBI for that alone..


he can however ban you from HIS server if he wants as it is his server :P


what is the last 8 digits of your PB guid?

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Thats the complete number 7afba007.


I dont use hacks or so. He cant lose this whiner. LOL :lol:


He said i change my config that i can faster shot and reload :lol: I cant faster shot an reload lol i play normal.


He send you an Email with the Question that u ban me on the Master Ban Index (MBI).


Thx for answer


Have a nice day

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You can't ban someone for fps, though for example in ET it is typically restricted in a range of say in between 43 and 125 as there is a known issue with 333fps making it hard for someone to be shot, but fps doesn't mean you load faster.

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You are not on PBBans banlist :)

Nor will anyone be added to the MBI simply at the request of an ill informed admin via e-mail.

Every ban that makes it to the MBI must be accompanied by evidence supported by streamed information.

Accusations of any type that are not supported by streamed logs can be faked relatively easily and get dealt with accordingly.

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